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Rig Permutations…this is a nice one.


I have had my pair of Amps in 4 different homes now, each having a different space for the Music Room. This arrangement is a really nice sounding one. I hadn't set up this way in a while, and not since putting the Closed-back on the Extension Cabinet.

The CVR is the starting point, then to the Solid State. CVR adds a little Reverb and Trem (or Wet), the SS gives a more solid low end (and Dry).

Volumes not set too high, the piano bench is at the focal point where a microphone would be best positioned. Turning your head right or left lets your ears hear the difference, not quite stereo, but a built up sound.

Then the sound can exit into the main 2-story foyer of the home with the walls 5x further behind.

I use the pieces of the two Amps in various configurations...each one is simple, with a stack being the most common.

The CVR has a pair of Jensen P10R AlNiCos, the Extension Cab is a Jensen C15N.

Either Amp can be used with either speakers, or all speakers together with the CVR. All 3 speakers have Beam Blockers.

The SS seems to like the C15N the best but the pair of AlNiCos are a very pleasant sound with some guitars. The LR Baggs is the Tone/EQ control for a LM3886-based Chip Power Amp.

Everything is based on 4 ohms.

The Amps need some separation when interconnected like this, and have to be plugged into the same source Wall Socket. The PS Audio Duet isolator/filter would knock the tiny bit of hum down further, but I have that with the TV/DVD/DVR systems at the moment.

Very pleasant space and sound to enjoy the Byrdland yesterday...


That’s right, YOU’RE the OTHER guy with a CVR. Lol

I’m guessing that’s a nice warm and even-sounding room, very nice for recording. Not too dead but not too live, either, especially with the amps so close the wall. Good on ya, bud!

And with a Byrdland to boot. Life is not suckin’.


These last 3 days started with the Byrdland, then part of the day with the Super 400, then late yesterday the 6120...

It is this space that works so well with this set up.

When my wife takes a walk or runs errands, I turn it up a bit...Ha!

Our 15yo Bichon is now deaf, she just sleeps nearby as I serenade her.

Back in the day we rented an A-frame type home...the K-52 Studio Upright filled that space in a similar way...just right.

It has to be the decay after passing past your ears...

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