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I once read a guy from Electro Harmonix say spring reverb was pretty much the hardest existing analog effect to get right.

But the main thing is for some reason it takes a lot of current...the only battery reverb pedal I know of is Boss (I guess there are they others -- the pedal market is so satuated there has to be ...) if one of the really small size ones was battery I would look into it.

And like w/ amps Roland has verb in battery amp (at least Micro Cube) tho from experimenting I think it runs them down longer.


Also, remember that the springs themselves are 18" long. They're not going into a pedal. Best to get a Little Kahuna & put the footswotch on your pedalboard!


I think one of the best purchases I ever made was buying one of the reissue Fender external reverb tanks. I got it for cheap too, they seem to go for north of a grand now.


Digital reverb takes a lot of current. This is why most reverb pedals don't take batteries. The Boss one does because their enclosure is designed for a battery, but I think even Boss says the battery won't last long in it. 9V batteries weren't really designed to power computers.

Something like the White Whale Reverb Pedal, which is has real springs inside it, doesn't need a ton of juice because it's just powering a few opamps.


Well what I want doesn't exist. I guess Boss is as small as reverb pedal get for batteries and they are too complicated for me . For digital reverb on ac current, I like Holy Grail Nano.

But this would be for tiny battery powered Orange Mini Crush --- just a little guy to set on top.

I have a Roland Micro Cube ( a great deal from KC Ed) and it has verb but for some reason this new Duncan in my little Melody Maker distorts that amp :- ( even on the clean settings (acoustic and JC)

So have to sell it, and and try the Orange --

I have had lots of old and reissue Fender reverb units in the past.

Some people think 3 spring reverb tanks are overkill == too much... no opinion here.


in my experience all reverbs and delays, digital or analog, eat batteries like i eat chips and onion dip. that was what drove me to 9V DC power supplies. my Boss RV-3 literally used up a battery in about six hours of playing time.


The sleeper deal right now are the Fender '70s silverface tube reverb. Only a very few know about them and they aren't associated with a particular player or anything...collectors don't know what to do with them. They sound killer. Probably the only thing CBS did to actually improve a Fender product and hardly anybody noticed. I would love to mess with a Kahuna.


The SilverFace Fender reverbs have an improved circuit design and sound BETTER than the regular Fender Reverbs. Not as good as a Kahuna, but definitely superior to the 6G15 circuit that everyone seems so fixated with!


For years I got by with my silverface unit until I finally found a good deal on the 6g15 I coveted. After a couple gigs, the 6g15 became a collectible investment, and the silverface (which, BTW,
does not seem to have a model delineation) went back to being the gigger.


Yes, the silver panel reverbs fixed that loss of signal or whatever it was. I know a guy who has a mod for the 90s reissues that boosts the output in two stages.. clean boost all the way


I've never really been happy with reverbs in a pedal; there's always just been something just a bit off with them I can confirm that the Little Kahuna is probably the best sounding reverb you can get. It doesn't alter the tone of my guitar The reverb in the RE-301 is the second best I've heard; but it can't do surf. It's also got the pre-amp that you'll either love or hate I tried the re-issue Fender tank once; it sounded good but it sucked the tone out of my guitar


Because I've been playing amps without reverb built in for so long I have got used to the sound of digital reverbs. I always seem to gravitate towards the plate reverb simulations, and the plate reverb on the Flint is excellent. (the spring is not so good!)

And right now I have two amps in my room which have built-in reverb. Both have very good spring reverb but I have got so used to digital the spring sounds a bit meh. I'm not playing surf guitar. And I'm most often happy with no reverb at all.

Weird what you get used to.

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