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I am using an EH Nano reverb. It's ok but wondered if that boss fender reverb really did get closer to the classic fender reverb sound...I don't mean the wet tank sound, or x-treme Fender verb on 10, but more like tube reverb sound. Or if any others do.


Source Audio True Spring. Buy it once and be done with it.


I’m having great luck with my Source Audio SA247 True Spring Reverb. You can come hear it if you want.

Edit: Prot beat me to it!


Others will have experience with the fender pedal, but I really like my Dr Scientist Radical Red. Good luck!


+1 on the Source Audio. Another thread here led me there, and I've already sold my Topanga.


Well looks like the verdict is in for Source Audio and I will road test Mr. Howard's before too long bringing my righteous Magnatone 410 over


If I was after a spring reverb sound the Source Audio would be the one I'd get. But the Flint on plate setting is what I have and is perfect for what I want. I'm tempted by the Source Audio but worked out that I don't need a spring reverb in particular so can "make do" with the Flint.


another vote for source audio if it has to be small/digital. best/smallest non-digital option is Surfy Industries.


You can't vote twice Walter.

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