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Probably about 10 or so years back I bought this Regal amplifier somewhere for $6. It's the same as this one. https://www.premierguitar.c...

I had lent it to my brother as he loves distortion and this was a way to achieve it at household levels. Today when visiting(having just bought a used Quilter 101 mini reverb..ulp) I noticed he was using it as a stand for a champion 600 I found 'broken' on craigslist for $15 (needed a resistor replaced..cool little amp!)

So I claimed the regal back to play with thinking I might nuke and pave and build something better inside of it. Looking at the link above I might try some of their easy modifications to see if it improves it. I've never been a one tone knob amp guy as I can never get the sound I want out of them. However on close inspection theamp does have a reasonably sturdy ply cab and could either be fun to play with or build something new in. Any suggestions. These were CHEAP amps in their day.


here's the dusty back (my brother had the back panel off and tucked against the wall in a dusty shop..He claimed I told him to which is contrary to what I would imagine, anyway that's why it's so #&^#$% dusty


And a gut showing the uber simple amp and the 10" speaker I have a few 10s kicking around This is a 4 watt amp powered by a single 6AQ5

The cab is sturdy light plywood. The chassis has a reasonable amount of room in it. It NEEDS tube retaining clips like crazy (wobble wobble)


Nice looking box and looks to have room for a 12 if you had an inclination. I think 10s can sound great!

A lots Valve’s in there. Is it just volume and tone?


volume, tone and tremelo. It's using 6AV6s . A 12AX7 is basically 2 6V6s in one bottle If it were 12AX7s it would only be using 1 1/2 of them!

I might start with recapping it and checking resistors for drift ANNND adding three prong plug!


I'd probably try and buy a tweed Deluxe chassis kit for something like $150-$200 and retro fit it in there. The electronics in that are all old and the transformers kind of weak. If you wanted to keep it a Champ you could try that too. You are basicslly salvaging the cab and speaker for looks at that point. But really there's not much value in those old electronics.


Myself I see the PT, chassis and cab as the best bits. with the switch, fuse holder, pilot light and pots a close second. I'd include the tube sockets and heater wiring if I was to keep the tube compliment. But yes you are basically right. However other than the tiny OT there's not much that can go wrong, (besides the usual ailing ancient components(tubes caps resistors) ) in such a simple circuit.

One of my first from scratch (no kit) builds was a tweed deluxe which I didn't care for so I changed it into a tweed vibrolux which was better but not enough better. I like a scooped later fender clean sound.


Good luck getting a "scooped later Fender clean sound" out of what you are working with there.

Decent cleans usually means watts. I'd probably still go with a 5E3 kit and add the Mission Amps "Volume Tone Mod" to get it there.


Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know of any $150-200 tweed deluxe kits up here. Maybe $300-400. If I was to build another I would build it from scratch and not buy a kit. I'm not really a kit sort of guy. It's easy enough to buy the parts. Anyway I didn't enjoy the tweed deluxe that I did build so I wouldn't really build another. I'm not looking for a loud amp. I have several I've built that are good for that (a couple deluxe reverbs, a couple of vibrolux reverbs and my super)

I was looking to make a quiet apartment level practice amp. Not a tweed deluxe, not my thing. Thanks again though for your suggestion.


The thing about buying individual parts instead of a kit is that you run into way more money. And a project like this might be more about doing things on the cheap because it's always going to be looked at as a Frankenstein build. Watts doesn't really mean volume...it means headroom and a more scooped clean sound. Class A single ended amps get hairy and fuzzy all through the dial. The Mission Amps volume tone mod definitely changes that amp. If you aren't happy with your tweed deluxe build...maybe buy that and solder it on....Takes only aan half hour or so and definitely goes in that tighter clean direction.


Thanks My fender tweed deluxe build is long gone. I first changed it to a tweed vibrolux and then sold it I'll check out that mod though I probably just see what it is i case I encounter a similar amp in the future

i build a lot of my amps on existing donor chassis. So just talking amplifier (not cab and speaker though I make those myself and don't bother tolexing them, grill cloth is from old organs)The tweed deluxe was built inside this very cute 6V6 amp I bought for $10 with tubes Great original transformers so It cost me the price of caps, resistors, pots and maybe a tube socket. Maybe around $60-75 including the original chassis. My deluxe and vibrolux reverbs were both built into Hammond organ chassis (Ao-43 and A0-29s). So I had a chassis , usually a choke and an PT and an OT. I bought output transformers for the vibroluxs and reverb transformers, pots, caps, resistors, tube sockets, sometimes switches lights and fuses (though I sometimes have those recycled) I have many many tubes (mostly free or very cheap older ones)

The deluxe reverb amp head would maybe cost me $125 in parts and the vibroluxes might've been closer to $175

if I include wood for cabs and speakers (assuming I buy new ones which I don't always do.) I would maybe add another $125 to the deluxe and another $175 to the vibrolux. Making a $250 deluxe reverb and a $ 300 vibrolux reverb combo.

Thus 'kits' aren't really my thing. i have fun with the designing etc. Though I appreciate how other people might find them very handy and economical.

I do have a little experience(maybe 10-12 years of tinkering and building)

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