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Recommendation for spring reverb tank replacement


I recently obtained a Vibroverb re-issue (6G16).

The reverb of the amp was surprisingly weak. Upon investigation I found that 1 of the springs was broken at the input transducer.

The current tank is a Accutronics 4AB3C1B.

Any recommendations for a replacement? I assume I need to keep the 4AB3C1B configuration.


Accutronics is no more...the name now belongs to Belton in Korea. These MOD pans are very, very good.


Is that the same kinda tank that was used in Fenders outboard tank?


Those are the sideways mount units. The suspension springs are hooked into different holes. (Bad idea, BTW for Fender tanks)


Go with BZ's recommendation. The specs have to match the original to work properly. Nice amp, btw.


In the old days, we would have just repaired the old spring, either byreplacing that single copper strand, or by replacing the transducer if we had one. Pans are so easy to get today that it's hardly worth it. The sound can also be improved by adjusting the spring tension, but if you want to do it yourself, that's a bit advanced. I had to wreck a few to get good at it. A reverb spring works like a speaker. At the end of the spring is a single strand of wire that goes through a cylindrical ferrite bead and is then soldered to that brass tube. The cylindrical bead is the magnet, and it vibrates when ac current flows through the coil. That single strand of wire is what usually breaks. Also those beads can actually become demagnified and won't work, or reverb will be very weak. This happens when the pan gets too close to the speaker magnet. I've seen people stick the pan to the speaker magnets while working on an amp, and I've also had suppliers ship reverb pans to me in the same box as a pair of speakers, resulting in dead pans (pun intended). For that reason, if I need both speakers and spring pans from the same supplier, I order them a day or two apart. It's easier than trying to explain spring theory to the salesman taking the phone order.


Thank you for all the knowledge. I have ordered the MOD pan as BZ suggested.

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