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I can't remember if I posted these before, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself!

I've had this logo for a few years now. I actually found it in an old book of "Logos of the 20th Century" that I bought when a design student. It was originally a Irish brand of veterinery products and had a very concerned cowboy line illustration. I stretched it a little, redid a coupla things and now it's been made into logos for me amps.

Amp building is purely a hobby for me but the amps looked unfinished without a logo. So this is the "tweed" version.


And the "Marshall" version


These look great; certainly marketable. They'd be a hit in some circles.


Wow Nice! Did you make them your self or by a "specialist"?


Nice looking cabs JimmyR.


Thanks guys! I have to admit that some are made by me, some are made by Mojo. So I can't claim credit for all of the woodwork - just some. I just wanted to show the cabs for the logo. I never intended it, but have become known locally as "that Cowboy amp guy".

There is a local place here which does trophies, door signs, that kinda thing. So making these logos was a walk in the park for them. It doesn't hurt that the guy who does the artwork there used to be a regular at my rockabilly gigs!

I'm trying to find some softwood planks to make more rustic cabs from, but here in Australia is hardwood land. In fact in Western Australia where I am jarrah is the most common timber (other than some terrible plantation pinus radiata), but in the rest of Australia jarrah is considered exotic. It's quite expensive too. Not necessarily because it's rare or good, but because it's a bugger to machine. It's very hard, like so many timbers here, and rather heavy and prone to splitting. So it's not really ideal for an amp cabinet, although being predominantly red in colour it would look nice.

We have lots of furniture made from jarrah. In fact my coffee table I built from reclaimed factory floor joists made from jarrah. With the steel legs it weighs a ton!

But it's rare to find an old barn made of oregon, pine, cedar or whatever. They're all made of jarrah.


Cool logo and nice amps! Pine is nice and light, but sonically the ideal speaker cab should be dense and non-resonant! That's why they use birch play(which is pretty) and particle board (which isn't pretty) it lets the speaker do it's thing with maximum efficiency. Too bad you can't get some jarrah plywood.


Jarrah is so heavy! You can get ply faced with jarrah but it still has less dense laminates inside and is still heavy. I definitely wouldn't want a jarrah amp cab unless it was to stay in one place.

I know that speaker cabs for hifi and PA uses are supposed to be acoustically inert but we're talking guitars here. A lot of the sound of an old tweed comes from the cab. The flimsy baffle acts like an extension of the speaker. I do a lot of trying amps through different cabs and the Marshall sound is almost as much a part of the plywood as it is the amps. I like plywood for cabs in the right place.


These look great ! I have seen one of the Marshall looking ones some time ago but can't remember where... maybe a forum. But remember lusting after it


I have sold a few through a local shop here in Perth. I build them purely for me - to try something out or because I am bored and want to build something. But they take up a lot of space so I end up selling some. I have sold more than I still have now, and am proud that some of my amps are being played around Western Australia most weekends. I think one has gone to Melbourne too.


In case anyone wanted to see inside:

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