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Ray Massie’s 1947 Dual Pro


Coolest cab Fender ever made.


I built one a while back. Still waiting for the right amp to put inside.


Don't know much about Massie amps... of course there were/are Randall amps. Lots of stores around here are full of Randall half stacks no one wants.


I had a slightly later V Front Super for review last year and I found it was utterly amazing. As I recall there are no grid resistors on the inputs so the regular instrument inputs are configured like the hotter tweed mic inputs. So it's a very easy amp to overdrive and easy to see why it's reportedly a favourite of Billy Gibbons.


There would have been no good reason to replace all of those caps - what a shame.


Anybody got a schematic for one of these? Just for my own personal study. The 5C4 Super looks close, but not exact.


The power section is close but the preamp is pretty different. Pentodes instead of dual triodes. I think you could pretty much draw one up using this pic.


Here's a layout diagram Otter


And a 5B4 Super schematic


So far as I'm aware, the V Front lasted from ’47 until ’52 and the three model designations associated with this design are the 5A4, 5B4 and 5C4.

The 5A4 had 6SJ7 pentode preamp tubes, as Powdog said, and three inputs. The 5B4 had 6SC7 triodes in the preamp and four inputs. Fender began using 12AY7 tubes in the 5C4.

Otter you should be able to find these schematics and layouts on line, but PM me if you can't and I'll send you higher resolution pics.

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