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quick poll: Pro Reverb or Super Reverb?


Well most of the old guys here like me are saying that the 45 watt platform of the Bandmaster, Bandmaster Reverb, Pro Reverb and Super Reverb is too loud. For us clean players maybe not... but ANYWAY what I want to know -- if that is your scene, are you going with the 2-12 Pro Reverb or 4-10 Super Reverb? Talking sound here, not other considerations like weight.


Pro. I like 12"s. Of course, I'd sooner go with a Deluxe Reverb. Let the PA do the heavy work.


I've used my Pro ('66) both at a few gigs and in the house - in a not large living room - and I don't find it overly loud at all. I do find I that it has a hell of a bass response though and I have it turned down to 1. I do find that a good feature of this amp is that you don't have to have it turned up to get a good sound/response.

Turning the volume to around 6 or 7 and the bass turned up to just 5, you most certainly have a loud amp!

Oh, and like you DC, I'm only playing clean, which this amp certainly is.


I keep my '68 Super Reverb in the studio.

I can get super loud without breaking up.

A freakish thing ,I'm told, but it comes in very handy when recording, as the extra volume gives a bit of nuance you don't get at a lower volume...a sense of bigness, perhaps?


I love the four tens. This '71 Super is a fabulous sounding amp. I never play it very loud, but it has that Fender sound that melds with a lot of different guitars nicely. Gretsches, Ricks, Fenders, all work well with the Super.


If you wish to stay clean and don't dime the volume, SR with 4-10's.

If you are going to crank it way up, the Pro, it is the crunchier of the two.

I haven't played either in ages, but I know you can knock out a 10 in an SR when being foolish....


I’m crazy for post tweed fender amps.. both are great! don’t think many amps sound as good as a super reverb between 4-6 on the dial. I think the trannny is bigger and it’s very chunky, chuggy, clangy if that’s your thing - the pro a lil less clean and less percussive , more harmonic and notes blend into each other which some described as sweeter...

Always down to individual preferences


There aren’t a lot of Pros around here.


I have a 72 Super and a 68 Bandmaster Reverb (now blackfaced) with both an open back cab (like a Pro) and a closed back (Bandmaster cab). I like the Super with my Tele... very brash, punchy and in your face. Definitely needs the tiltback legs to better disperse the sound. I like the Bandmaster better with my 6122-59. Big warm sound. Even better with a 1x15 cab.


I'm a big Super Reverb fan, but a Pro is a killer amp too. A Pro Reverb will get you some grit a little faster - much smaller output transformer.


Had a Super a while ago that sounded great. Never owned a Pro. Love my Vibrolux!


Had a Super a while ago that sounded great. Never owned a Pro. Love my Vibrolux!

– Metman

Never had a SR but I also have a very mint, very cool '71 VR and at clean levels of volume and stepping up the bass, the VR can come very close to the PR....and it's a decent bit lighter too.


A super reverb has a size of sound it's hard to appreciate unless you're playing one. I've used one for 25+ years and it's lovely sounding.I rarely ever had it past 3. 4 X 10s is a great sound. If mine didn't weight 85 lbs I wouldn't have built some smaller amps (deluxes and vibroluxes) to cart around. However that's just in the past 5 years or so.

Somebody said that what they liked about their twin or super was that they knew nobody would be walking away from a soundcheck with it! I use to sometimes leave mine in the car and figured that if someone could steal it they deserved a medal. Get castors!


My '66 Pro-Rev. and I have been together since 1970. We're both still going strong. lm.


Always thought the Pro was a neglected model, popular with Poison Ivy. Plus Link Wray played one in the early 60s.

Silver face models sound great, I have a pal who plays one in the Empress of Fur.

But Twins, Pros and Supers are all heavy family members. Sheesh, 85lb is over six stone! Dead weight too.


I agreee Vince Ray... I love the look of silver face amps too

I m interested in why OTter loves the twin. I love em too but would like to hear more from others.


I had a super six silverface once, a great amp but a pig to haul around. talking a bout a big sound I traded it for a twin reverb with orange JBLs which is also a pig to haul. But it resides in the practice room permanently now. I played a Pro a few years back and they are pretty nice amps. I stick to my Tweed Pro home build


Depends on who has to carry it.


Depends on who has to carry it.

– NJBob

Not a huge difference.

  • Fender Blackface Pro Reverb - 53 lbs
  • Fender Blackface Super Reverb - 60 lbs

If you play clean, bass is too thin on a Super...even with the .02 slope cap they use on the bass control. The back is too open and the speakers too small. A Pro is much fuller and sweeter sounding. Of course thay can all sound a lot better with a little tweaking.


Yeah. There is no real weight difference between my pro and super reverb. But the SR is much more awkward to lug up stairs. My amp room is 3 narrow flights up in a Victorian terrace

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