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putting casters on an guitar amp?


Hey guys just wondering if any of you have done this? Is there a problem with the amp being off the ground? I thought there was something about not doing this to a bass amp, but don't know if that is an urban legend...

I'm only 31, but can imagine the "old man with a bad back" syndrome hastening it's way towards me everytime I have to lug this thing in and out of the club/car/room...or should I just get a back brace?

sorry, I could'nt resist...


only thing why not to do it would probably be less coupling to the stage surface i guess.. hence percieved lack of bass response. but worth a try, when health is an issue..


It's not only old men who get bad backs. I prolapsed a disc in my lower back when I was in my mid-30's. Yeah, I know - even that's old to some people!


casters help but at most venues you will still have steps or a Threshold to manuever over.


Hire a cheap roadie that you can pay with Beer.


the bass frequencies do travel through conduction as many other ways. with the bass cab. directly on the floor , you will be able to measure vibration at the farthest point in the building.this will give the band a predominant bass sound.

putting the cabinet on casters will greatly reduce the "felt" base notes, giving the band a more balanced sound.




I asked my amp guy to put casters on one of my Fender amps, and he recommended strongly against it: they're top-heavy, and wheels would exacerbate the instability. Whole kit and kaboodle could topple over with a wrong push!

He suggested I get a roller cart instead -- a longer/wider wheelbase would be stable, and you can use it for other heavy items, too.

Seemed reasonable to me, so no casters on that 'un!

I later bought a lovely Super Reverb on which the previous owner had installed casters (and not the pop-out type). Sure enough, rolling it about is proving to be a dicey proposition. They're going to have to go!



I put casters on my Peavey Austin 400 guitar amp and never regretted it, but yeah, I can see wanting to keep a bass cabinet on the floor. I'd suggest a good hand truck (I use one for my keyboards and PA speakers) --- no mods to your gear, and it will even help you negotiate stairs with a big and heavy rig.


I put casters on my bass cab and if I want more tranference I just put it on its side. Best of both worlds!


Put casters on the back of the cab if possible, then all you have to do is flip it and roll out.

My Ampeg 4x12 has pop outs and they are more of a pain in the ass than anything because they fall out all the damn time. But it's better than nothing I suppose.


For a couple of years I put my Ampeg combo on a stand...the PA's subs did the work on the dance floor. A side effect of "coupling" is that a LOT of stages act like large diaphragms, so you want less coupling, not more.

I mostly got rid of my big honkin' amps -- I had a 144 lb bass rig, and a 100 lb guitar amp -- size doesn't guarantee sound, especially with PAs getting as good as they are. Nowadays I gig with a Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight and a Blues Jr for guitar, and a Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.0 210T.

Still, anything that's 50 lb+ rides around on wheels. I've never experienced a downside, and that includes my wobbly and top-heavy '63 Ampeg B15N.


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It had wheels...the 100 lb guitar amp acquired wheels...I finally got a couple of Carvin platforms with large casters and put an absolute limit of 50 lb on my gear -- the only exception is my bass rig, which has a 50 lb cab and a separate head, so I can move them separately.


The bass cabs I used to have were deeper than most guitar amps, so stability wasn't a problem with casters.

Here's the ticket:


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GentlBen said: I put casters on my bass cab and if I want more tranference I just put it on its side. Best of both worlds!

Same here.


A friend gigs with a Peavey 8X10 that weighs 160 lb.

I guess he must like the sound.


if you'r going to buy a hand cart, buy what is called a refrigerator truck. it has 2 belts 1 on each side that run from the main axle to approx. 16 in. up to a pulley. these are designed for taking heavy loads up and down stairs, by 1 person.



My suggestion would be for the Dolly/Handcart route.

Put your name on everything also.



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Sorry... Double Post


Years ago, up late one night watching TV with the wife, we came across 'The Total Trolley'. I was making fun of it and she said that I just had to have it. She said, "You need it for your band". (Yes, that would be the non-touring, no equipment gents with big dreams.)

We eventually got out there, you know, toured the world. I never did make enough money at gigs to pay the 80 something bucks back, but I wouldn't sell it for the world for the memories it holds.

Note: I just saw online that they don't make them anymore - discontinued. I will sell it to a GDP'r for a 100!



If it's a vintage amp, no casters. May reduce the value.

Get an ATA Case, especially for a Fender style amp that is top heavy.

For my SVT head, which is 95lbs, I have an ATA case. I roll it on stage, take the top off, and never pull the head out of the case. It's awesome.

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