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Proteus was right!!!! (HOTONE content)


The Hotone products are very bad a$$! A year plus a few days ago whilst in search of a Marshall or Egnater tube amp head I posted a thread about which Marshally type of amp I should get. Mr. P suggested I look at the Hotone product line, particularly the Purple Wind (a '59 Plexi sound). These are solid state, very small, and 5 watts and have a neat glowing orange lamp in the small chassis to make you feel warm. I bought this one and have been immensely pleased. Got it for $60 on the bay used. Customer service is great, as well. Since then I have purchased the British Invasion (an AC30 type) and by golly it sounds just like an AC30. Anyway, I was playing tonight with the British Invasion plugged into my AC15 and it really rustled my jimmies. Just an update and thanks to Tim for the quality suggestion. I would certainly recommend these mini amps not only for cost but room. I will still invest in the sickness of more gear, of course, but just wanted to thank Tim and further recommend these as an idea for future consideration if you are interested.


Don't encourage him!


Thanks for the shout-out, Jim. Glad you're enjoying the Nano Legacy amps. They're about as much guitar fun as you can get in a package that size.

My adventures in Hotonia (and various other states of GearLand) continue. Check the new Pedal section of the GDP for the Xtomp topics - more ridiculously cost-effective excellence from Hotone.

And as for the Nano amps, I have the two you have plus the Mojo Diamond, a stupidly named item that claims to be Tweedish Fendery - though it's really closer to blackface.

If you like the little 5-watters, the final evolution of the Nano Legacy concept seems to be the Legacy Floors. They include everything we like about the little ones built into handsome two-channel ampedals, each with two of the amps. Brit Invasion is paired with Purple Wind, and Mojo Diamond with Heart Attack (Hotone's take on a Boogie gain channel) - BUT they have 75 watts-o-juice, reverb, and a variable boost stomp along with the channel-switching. Also effects loop, a line output AND XLR out with cab sim in addition to the 4-16 ohm auto-sensing speaker out. (No jam-along aux input and headphone jack, though.)

Built like little tanks. Plenty loud, and well configured for any practice/gig application. Lotta tech for the money. I couldn't resist them.

There's one of each on Reverb at the moment - best price I've seen on the Mojo Attack (why couldn't they have come up with at least a semi-dignified name?).


As for being right...just by the sheer law of averages, I'm bound to get one every once in awhile. And I don't think this little bit of encouragement will make me (more) insufferable. There's always the wife and the adventures of daily life to keep things in perspective.


Interesting additional spending information, thanks! 75 watts is about 70 watts too much for these ears, heh-heh.


I have had 4 or 5 of these HoTones. My personal pref was the British Invasion that I truly thought captured the essence of a Vox AC and the Thunder Bass. I sold my bass amp since I only infrequently have a need for one but when I do the Thunder Bass is based on an Ampeg amp and it does that quite well even with a guitar. I run both in to a Jensen 15" Ceramic.

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