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Princeton w/ 12 stock


I like it, still have questions about the other specs...


12' in a PR; great idea. BF chassis in a tweed cab; maybe not so great.


I agree with the concept but not using a tweed cab. I agree with Rob....a dumb idea.


Wellll, I do like 12" speakers, tweed cabinets, and forward facing controls, but I agree I'm not sure who the audience for this is.


that would be me, if i was funded. a PR with a 12" would cover just about everything on the more conservative side of my playing style in a package i could actually carry to/from the car. the tweed is a bit silly, but not a deal-killer and frankly not nearly as silly as some of the Setzer Hot Rod colors.


I kinda like the look of the tweed. It’s better than the Western themed ones and some of those two-tone versions, imho.


AMS just sent me an email...all different versions of this '65 PR available.

British Green, Western Green, Fudge Brownie, Blonde, etc.....all seem to be with a standard 10".


Ideal spec, quite handsome in tweed. Who cares if it’s historically correct? 12” speaker has already violated “authenticity,” as if that mattered. Is it wired point-to-point like the originals? You’re gonna be wailing in a club and the hot chick at table 4 is gonna decide NOT to go home with you because you’re playing through an amp whose skin is all wrong for its guts? Or maybe you’ll be deprived of imagining you have a real 60s Princeton because the look is “wrong?”

Better to just make up a backstory that Fender was building a batch of Prins in 1965 and because of gross negligence on the part of a gorgeous secretary (who may not have been hired strictly for her competence), both black tolex and 10” speakers ran out (the outgoing purchase orders were found crumpled in a file folder where she’d misfiled them) - so they just improvised and used some leftover tweed and a 12.

OR you could accept it as a new amp with a dream spec which happens to look GREAT. I think the audience is players who’d like a great spec in a great-looking cab. Presumably vintage amp aficionados wouldn’t be happy with a modern build, components, or the use of the “wrong” speaker anyway. And don’t those guys buy, like, vintage amps?

Whether this is Fender playing a little Alternate History or remixing elements of their heritage, it’s pretty mild as such experiments go. I can easily imagine a thread wherein we wished there was a 12” Prin in a tweed cab with brown cloth. Someone would say “man that would be cool!” Someone else would say “yeah, but that’s what the Custom Shop is for.”

So call this a Fender Custom Shop idea that escaped into the general population and reproduced.

I like it, anyway.


AMS just sent me an email...all different versions of this '65 PR available.

British Green, Western Green, Fudge Brownie, Blonde, etc.....all seem to be with a standard 10".

– Twangmeisternyc

A number of the FSR variants I've seen also sport a 10" Celestion.


I actually prefer a 10" speaker in a Princeton Reverb. I use a good friend's PR to record quite a bit and it's just great with the 10" speaker.

I have plenty of amps, and they all have multiple 10" speakers - no 12's for me. For the big hollowbodies I play, I like the automatic bass and low mid rolloff I get from a 10, and I get low end "body" feedback a lot quicker with 12" speakers.


Me too! Ten inch rules! I have an old Delta Blues with 2x10 and that's where I learned to like the idea. First off, playing loud enough to motivate 2 12s is a challenge...a loud one. Plus the focus from 10" speakers suits me. I'm going to play my Super 8 tomorrow, there!


Fender does a lot of "sheep in wolf's clothing" amps. Use the same stock, consumer grade chassis with a different cabinet and/or speaker. Probably makes sense from a manufacturing standpoint - no additional UL/CSA/CE testing, but you're still getting essentially the same amp.

They usually do this with Blues Juniors.


I love my Princeton with a 10" speaker.

I would like to see Fender put out the Pro Jr. with a 12" speaker.

I have a Jensen Neo 12" in a pine JDesigns cab that makes my Pro Jr. sound amazing.

To be fair, it makes a lot of my amps sound amazing. (and its light as a feather!)


I think that 10 inch speaker is part of the essence of a Princeton Reverb. For 12 inch, there is the Deluxe Reverb.


I never looked back after adding the CRex. My PR had an Oxford though, so it had trouble hanging with most drummers. The only drama was the shininess of the replacement baffle.

I agree a 210 is special, but a 12 fits in the box. One trip load in.

In the bass world, we are seeing some cool new speaker designs based on vortex/jet models. Gig ready cabs with 2 8's. http://masoundworks.com



Well finally they stuffed a 12 in a Princeton which shoulda been done 55 years ago or so... still the tweed cab is kinda dumb IMO

– DCBirdMan

Long & McQuade did the same special run for sale in Canada a few years back. A/B’d it with the 10inch side by side and found the tone of the 12inch CR much fuller at the low end while still preserving the highs. Needless to say the 12inch came home with me and I am still totally pleased!

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