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Princeton Reverb with a Jensen C10 R or P10 R — which would you c…


Resurrecting an old thread. I just snagged a beautiful PRRI with the Jensen P10R speaker. I’ve read lots of different opinions on speaker choice but am wondering if a speaker change is worth it.

This amp is mostly for playing at home as I have bigger Fenders for playing out. I also have three cabs I can use to augment the 10”: -open back Weber California 15” -open back Standel 15” -open back 1967 Jensen 12”

There’s a Celestion Gold for sale locally which I understand is a very well regarded speaker. So my options are - in addition to using an external cab: -leave the stock Jensen P10R -upgrade to a Celestion Gold 10” -get a new baffle and put in my spare vintage Jensen 12”

Any opinions welcome!


FWIW, I put a old C12N in my '65 a few years ago and haven't looked back. Just perfect.

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