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Princeton Reverb RI loses power when tipped forward?


Kind of a weird question, I was tipping my amp forward to check the pedal (wedged between the amp and the wall) and my RI princeton reverb lost power?

After fooling with it for a minute it came back on - power cable seems snug, whenever I tip it forward about 45 degrees it powers off.

Is this some exciting "feature" that I never knew about (SAFETY!) or do I possibly have something else going on?


That’s what the tilt BACK legs are for.

Seriously, that’s not normal. Check all the obvious. Speaker leads, wiggle the rectifier, etc. Sounds like a loose connection. May have to pull the chassis.


Ahhhhhh ok cool. Thanks.

I'll start fooling around.


Speaker cables are fine, I let it cool down and pulled and reseated the tubes - it's not happening now but I feel like I need to let it cool down to full cold and test it again.


Look inside the chassis. Something's loose, and could even spark a fire. Don't use it until it's checked out. Better safe than sorry.


I may have isolated it to a really long 5 or 6 foot power cable that I happen to have (King Cord). I'm gonna have to test it over the next week or so - if it still gives me problems, I'll get it serviced and gig with my Deluxe Reverb instead.

I'm a prime candidate for a Tonemaster Deluxe Reverb. lol


Going off topic, don't forget you can now get Fender shorty tilt back legs for Princetons and Deluxes just like on my little 15 watt ankle biter build you see here. Used to be they were only for piggybacks and big combos.


Don't tip it forward!



"Doc! It hurts when I do this"

Doc: "Then don't do that"

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