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Princeton Chorus Opinions


Not to be confused with the tube amp Princeton Reverb but the solid state Princeton Chorus can be picked up fairly inexpensively.

Please your thoughts on this amp is appreciated.



I had one for a while as well as it’s bigger brother the ultimate chorus. They are great budget amps. After a while mine developed an annoying buzz that I couldn’t find the cause of so I sold it. My friend had the same issue with his. Otherwise it was a nice amp.


These are the 80s ones? I'd be concerned about reliability with any SS amp that old, but if it works it's probably a decent enough workhorse. They're definitely cheap, although if cheap is the only criteria, there's probably a lot of comparable gear worth looking at, too.


I still have one. It has a nice clean channel. Works nice with the chorus effect. Dirt channel is crap. Reverb if kept to a minimum is usable otherwise crap.

My brother was using it but I'm getting it back. I'm curious to see how it plays using my deLisle King Baby slaved out and in the effects loop as an overdrive. Could be interesting.


Do you all think that Mark Knopfler Dire Straits era would be good on one? I'm sure The Cure and The Smiths would. Maybe The Police and Learning To Crawl era The Pretenders too.


You should sit and play thru one. My brother has the small one, 2x10 I think. I have the big Ultimate Chorus. It's out in the garage with all my other junk amps. Lush chorus effect, but I never liked the sound of the amp.

FWIW my brother loves his.


Knopfler used Music Man. I can sell you one of those. Certainly no chorus, though.


Bought a used one at GC once. Went back next day.


I still have one I bought in the early 2000s. I agree with others that the Clean sounds good, but didn't use the dirt channel much. I like the sound with my strat, but found the amp didn't seem to get along with my Gretsch. I haven't played the strat in a while so the amp has been in storage.


Friend of mine uses one - owns a couple - to play steel and pedal steel through it. He's a pro player and about the best steel player I've ever heard. His workhorse is a rare vintage Fender from the '50's and it sounds sensational through that amp.


Knopfler used Music Man. I can sell you one of those. Certainly no chorus, though.

– Proteus

Interesting. I had no idea what Knopfler used. Thanks for the offer but I was just curious about Princeton Choruses but wasn't really planning on an amp purchase now. Just I see these a lot used and was curious about these amps that I see all over the used market.


What killing me here is that a few years ago I was going to practically give it away just to make some extra room. Oh hell not now. According to reverb I have 300 bucks hanging around. Just imagine what a red knob version would get me.

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