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I'm coming to england next month, should I bring it with me?


Yeah? Where you coming too? I guess the customs guys would drive you nuts with the amp though


Headed to London, gonna rent a car. Hoping to incite a mini roundup over there....hoping to chat with the queen while I'm there. Gotta let her know I'm in town when I get there.


Ah the queen is great, she’ll put the kettle on!


My grandmother was from the bath area. I was there in seventy five. Met about 100 cousins in a hotel bar that could hold thirty. Gonna go to a few museums.


So that’s the amp in two halves Charlie? Cool concept, old n crazy but kinda useful in a way

– Vince_Ray

Yup. 2 Halves. Has a Jensen in it...can't remember which...maybe P12Q. I'll take a couple pics and post them. It's pretty cool for small joints. I can have the controls by me where I want them, but can stick the speaker back in the corner,


My grandmother was from the bath area. I was there in seventy five. Met about 100 cousins in a hotel bar that could hold thirty. Gonna go to a few museums.

Hope you have a fine time catching up with relatives. I guess you remember about driving on ‘the wrong side of the road’.


The many faces of the Model 71.


The restoration of that first version I’d incredible, looks immaculate. I tried contacting the owner a while back but it’s an old photo. All are handsome fellahs


I take the middle! My buddy has one that's almost cherry, I don't remember the model. It's smaller. Next visit, I take a few pics.


FWIW...obviously the guy's memory is a little loose.

"Link’s 1953 Gibson Les Paul and tiny Premier amp were another obstacle to recreating “that weird song”: “When I tried to remember the sound that made those kids scream, I missed the distortion right away. The sound was too clean—at the gig, the amps were jumping up and down, burning up with sound. Ray asked, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ I said, ‘I’m gonna mess with the amp so it’s smurfing up like it was at the live show.’ So I took a pencil and punched holes in each of the Premier’s two 10” [treble, or tweeter] speakers. Ray said, ‘You're just screwing up your amplifier!’ But I said, ‘Who cares as long as we get the sound, man?’ I left the amp's single 15” speaker untouched, and then I put one mic on each of the distorting speakers and one mic on the clean 15”. It took three takes to get the sound I wanted, because everything was mixed down to a one-track Grundig recorder. I stood in front of the drums and pointed my amp towards the opposite wall, and Shorty stood to my left. We taped a mic to the internal soundpost of the bass through a hole that was kicked into the instrument during a bar fight. Ray was sitting behind the drums, and we recorded his acoustic guitar with a single boom mic. After the first take, I asked for the kick drum to be louder. The second take was okay, but I wanted to do another one. The third take sounded so damn good that I said, “I ain't messing with it anymore!”


If I poked a whole in my dads amp, I wouldn't have a hide......


I was never a big Link Wray fan...just have these because I thought they were cool. I swap around a lot of gear, but this Supro is the only guitar I've had that I just cannot sell. It's been on hundreds of gigs since around 1987 because it has a slide sound that nothing I've ever heard can touch. When I sold EVERYTHING to pay bills, this, my '69 mutt Tele and '56 Deluxe were the only things I couldn't part with. The Premier came to me within the last 4 or 5 years.


General Electric speaker? I assume the 188 is the EIA code


Taste the octal difference! 6V6 outputs, 5AR4/GZ34 rectifier, a couple of 7F7s and a couple 7N7s. The vibrato isn't working. If anybody can hazard an educated guess on which tube powers it, I'd appreciate it, so I can try to diagnose it. I'm dying to know what it sounds like. I had it apart a long time ago and don't recall seeing a roach, so I'm hoping for variable bias. Possible it's pitch shifting?


I don't remember how the vibrato circuit works. Will be tearing mine down, so will find out.


I'm guessing the circuit has an oscillating voltage on a grid of a tube. What's your guess powdog?


Maybe this.....


Fenders use a power tube bias vary circuit. The Model 76 and 88 both use this trem circuit.




I'm so stoked to go home and start this project.

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