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Anyone here own one? They seem neglected and there's little info on the web (yes, I've seen what's there). Few schematics anywhere.

I'm curious cos I spend hours and hours researching stuff about Link Wray and want to know more about the premier 71 amp that he used. Any wise ones here?


great amp

links '54 premier 71 had a field coil jensen 12" with 2-3" tweeters powered by a pair of 6l6's

and the classic trem you can hear link ramp up on the end of rumble

later the 71 came with weirder 8417 power tubes and a 15" speaker..i've played one of those..and even that sounded "raunchy"

here's a link to a later one like that..with lotsa pics




The Model 76 has to be pretty dang close to the early Model 71 with the 6L6 tubes. One of these days...


Anything labeled "Premier" that I've seen had shoddier internals than even vintage Gibson. A real rat's nest. Shake it hard, and it'll short out.


the outside of those premier amps was nothing to brag about either..they didn't wear well at all..very much like other mid level amps of that era..danelectro, national, supro etc

but in hindsight they had a unique sound that can't be had otherwise



This photo makes me drool. If Flash Gordon had an amp, it would look like this. Thanks for the input, all good for my research. Ya know how it is, the more you search...and the less you find...the more intrigued you become.

It does have the vibe of being built by a talented uncle in the garage, I guess that tatty style is part of its appeal


yeah that's the classic pic right there..i corresponded with the owner of that gear in the past...classic link gear..right down to that red yamaha sg-2 that link used throughout his whole career..and that yamaha should reissue!

sure the tweeters in the premier contributed to links buzzsaw tone..especially if they had been fried!!..which i assume they were..hah

fave link pic...w yamaha



8417s were up in the 6550 output range, but never really caught on. Bogen used them for some big ass PA amps and some killer builds have been done on Bogen chassis


have you searched multivox instead of premier? dumb question but I thought I would ask. I had a multivox at one point in high school


 photo 668417BD-235B-4109-92F5-C99221FBEBA4_zpspulf0xqv.jpg

I've used the 90 reverb over the years but not had a combo. Always wanted one like Link used.


I will try a google of 'Link Wray Multivox' to see if any clues pop up, thanks for the suggestion. You know how it is....imagine not knowing what gear Brian Setzer used on classic recordings. I know Link used a Firebird and a Pro Reverb but whether that was on recordings or just live in teh mid 60's is unconfirmed.

And yes Paul, those reverbs are VERY cool. Not in a drippy surf Fender Tank way but they do have their own garage lo fi rip n roar sound. Powdog made me a version that we cunningly called The Batcave.

How do you like the Premier 90?


I like them. They add a nice boost to the signal too. Depending on the amps I plug them into, I'll have the reverb set on 3 or 4.


I have a 71. Took it to the first nj roundup. Love it. Was my dads. Worn but still works. Tubes have been replaced one time. Rca i think.


Theres pics of the nj round up in here somewhere


I have a 71. Took it to the first nj roundup. Love it. Was my dads. Worn but still works. Tubes have been replaced one time. Rca i think.

Wow. Very cool to have that amp and also for it to have been your Dad's. I'd love to see pics and hear more...couldn't find any on the NJ roundup page but I was maybe looking behind the wrong door.


Ok, me an powdog are gonna tear it apart and make a schematic. I might stream it live so anyone interested can watch/have it documented. Can coordinate the times if anyone is interested in watching the process.


Not a photo but you see it in the vid.


I’ve already started working on a reproduction control panel and 3D printing the kooky knobs.

I’m getting exited.


this is gonna be fun. Can you still buy speakers with out magnets?


I haven’t seen any new production, but you can find nice ones on ebay. You can also emulate the effect of a field coil with a choke or big resistor.


Wow. This amp is s holy grail for me. This is going to be like opening Tutankhamens tomb! Very rare amp due to the cheapo construction values so not many have survived. I’m a total Link Wray nut and this amp was unique to his sound. Plus, it’s as rare as a frog feather in the U.K., I don’t know anyone here who owns one. Looking forward to this, many thanks munman n Powdog


I have a 76 "suitcase." It looks like a novelty/funky/ghetto amp until I fire it up and all the guitar players say, "Holy, $×@t!"


So that’s the amp in two halves Charlie? Cool concept, old n crazy but kinda useful in a way


Would love to see a pic of the 76. This is the amp Flash Gordon would have used!

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