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Powdog……A BIG Thank You


I was the recipient of Powdog's generosity in the Christmas Give Away Thread.

It arrived today, and I've had several hours of getting to know it.

This head is a WOW in every way to me. Beautiful hardwoods cab, but even more importantly is the sound. Maybe I should say sounds.

It's a single ended EL34, based on a Plexi. Not a bad start, but Ethan added a 3 way "voicing" switch into his circuit. This ain't another one trick pony.

This 3 way switch has subtle changes, but noticeable and useful. Tones go from plexi, 50's "clean", to a Fenderish BF tone.

Add the TMB tone circuit, a pair of parallel inputs (more gain on#2), volume and master volume control, and adjustable output ohm switch.

All of things together make this just an incredibly crazy great sounding amp. C&W to RnR.

And yes, this amp is very touch sensitive.

Ok, I'm on the "honeymoon" with only around three hours of playing time with it. But I can honestly say that if I paid whatever price Powdog charges for an amp like this, I would feel and say the same thing. This amp is just a WOW for sounding great and making playing fun.

I can't say enough about Powdog's craftsmanship, and more importantly, his generosity in building and giving away an amp like this.

Thanks Powdog, I very much appreciate your graciousness.


Need some wetness? From a sprinkle to a waterfall with my old Clark reverb tank.


Yeah man! Along with his amps, Ethan is something special. His chief joy with the amps seems to be in the craftsmanship, both electronic and carpenterial. (If that wasn't a word, now it is.) The money seems secondary.

That's a man doing what he loves, and the stuff he makes is bound to carry the imprint of that intention. That he gives so many away just blows me away.

You're a lucky feller, JD. And, on behalf of all of us, thanks Ethan!


There’s nothing to not like about one of Ethan’s amps. Even if you don’t turn them on, they’re great to just look at. But once you turn them on, don’t plan on doing anything else for a while.


Danke schoen und bitte schoen.


Got a lead on that Bassman 10 for ya.


This is so cool! Man, you people are awesome!


Trust me, Powdog is one of a kind. Anyone who's had the good fortune to cross his path will agree


WOW...that is quite nice! If it sounds half as good as it looks, it must be killer!


Powdog/JD - that is a beautiful thing (to make and to do)!


WOW...that is quite nice! If it sounds half as good as it looks, it must be killer!

– Toddfan

Toddfan, it does indeed sound killer.

Ethan's work is the tops in every way, and he was such a nice guy keeping me posted on progess and explaining everything about it.

A real treat to play through.


What a happy story! The GDP makes dreams come true!! It has a whole bunch of mine!


Congratulations, JD! Enjoy! Killer amp as usual, Powdog! Fantastic workmanship and what a cool and generous gift. Just awesome!


Congratulations! I love my Cave Valley amps - 5F1 clone and a Hammond AO-44 based screamer. Ethan makes great amps, and he's a pretty darn great guy to boot!

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