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Players may exchange more regulated


MapleStory's trading system is completely altering and will no longer be at the Free Market.The end of a century is coming. When a choice is made for MapleStory, the process of shutting Market areas in the match has started Buy MapleStory 2 Mesos.

For those who do not know what the Free Market is, we need to explain it. These are special areas where players can exchange in the popular MMORPG game MapleStory and exchange them. Many players gather in this area to sell their merchandise and build a seat or write what they market and what they buy. Nevertheless, the Free Market MMORPG hosted one of the most full and energetic places of their household.

Regrettably, the players that were willing to trade were drawn to the fraud, the hackers, the replicators and all kinds of malicious men and women. Nexon, who wanted to close these open areas of the Free Market, recently added that the Auction House attribute to the game and now players may exchange more regulated.

MapleStory - bulk. The favorite MMORPG MapleStory for PC now also has a mobile version: MapleStory 2. Lately, it launched a global beta evaluation for all Android users. The game will be available for downloading on January 30th everywhere except Korea, China and Japan.

15 decades ago, the South Korean game Maplestory became the first important game. Back thenit was to battle piracy by offering a cheap, legitimate, bug-free and secure method for the masses to get the game. The picture has evolved over recent years.

If you are not knowledgeable about the title, then it delivers an abundance of opportunities for altering the look, a gorgeous narrative and epic, despite its rustic look, raids on the bosses. Now this is in compact manner.

Participants at the beta exam will have the ability to access the Maple World map with five unique personalities, the ability to team up with other players to explore dangerous dungeons and look at different customization resources Wikipedia, including the new crafting system.

The game is still in a test phase but can already be performed (in English) but with a side note: following the evaluation period your advancement in the game will be removed to become. Nevertheless, you may play without having to create in-game payments. You remain to conquer monsters and become more powerful, chat and behave.

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