Other Amps

Played an OLD Princeton RV yesterday…


And wow. Now that is a fun amp.

And small...

And light...

And loud as all get out!!!

I wants it...

I needs it...

It may be 30 years old for all I know. How much are they really worth?



In Poland?

Whatever the market will bear. I'd think that Fender amps would be pretty rare in Warsaw. They might not be too well known there, so that might be an advantage.


Unfortunately, they are kinda the hot thing nowadays. Really tough to get a blackface under 2k or an early silverface for under 1500. I gave a grand for my '65 a few years back, and it was the last one I ever saw at that price


I always stuff 12s in them -- makes a lo-end difference. My new black panel RI comes home tomorrow.


Oh, Poland's not like that. Believe me, plenty of Fender amps here. But I have not run into an old Princeton like this.

How are they for gigging?



I use mine all the time. Without any PA, I probably wouldn't use it for more than a 150 seat place. I've hotrodded mine with a bigger and more efficient speaker, 5881 tubes, and solid state rectifier - it's plenty loud.

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