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peavey delta blues 115 too loud


Chrisp, much thanks. One question though if you don't mind...

Chrisp said: You'll need to also deal with locating the pot on the guitar - often requiring drilling.

Can't I simply pull out the tone switch component, and replace it with a tone pot, or are the holes not the same? - which requires drilling?

Again, thank you.


The holes are very likely to be different sizes - the switch hole will be bigger.

Also, the upper bout is an unusual (but possibly just fine for you) locale for a tone control pot.

To use a pot in the switch hole, you will need to either glue in a spacer, or use three components (spacer with washers on each side).

There may be other solutions that guys have used, so maybe others will chime in?

And a thought (such as it is):

MANY players end up with just one or two tone pot adjustments that they actually use. If that is the case, then you can leave the whole tone switch in place and just have each of the two "on" positions use both a cap and a resistor. That way you can duplicate two tone knob positions, but do it with a switch.

Blathering on,...

Keep the tone caps you have and add a 250 or 500K trim pot, set up as rheostat (just Google it) between each cap and ground.

Then play while tweaking each trim pot into a useful setting. And now you have two useful switch positions.

But if you want continuously variable roll-off, then a pot is the way to go.


Chrisp, thanks again. I wish someone who knew what they were doing - having already done this would post a "how to". I'm sure I'm not alone here.

The other issue is, I can pay my guitar tech to do it, but I'm getting that "depending on how complicated etc". And, other people here have said, "why don't you learn to do it yourself".

I have to start somewhere, and I'm not interested in understanding all the complexities of circuits, only the issues that concern me - as I need them. It seems so hit and miss, and archaic at times. I've just found it frustrating with some of the other members who've said "keep your tone switch, it's liberating" etc. I really don't think so. I'd rather have a tone knob, or simply remove the caps in there and have it wide open all the time.

Is there a book that actually shows a beginner how to do this kind of stuff?

Example: To change a tone switch to a tone pot, you need these items and tools, capacitors and resistors etc. Here's step 1.


This is an ontological question in my opinion.

Rather than launch into a long dull post:

I do not know of such a book.

EDIT: I hope you get good input from others on this.


Chrisp, last one for a while, and maybe this will help me out..

IF, I pulled out the tone knob on my friend's 2003 duo jet, what would I find visually, compared to my Firebird?

Would it be easier for me to pull out his tone pot, look at what's physically on it, and then replicate the same thing on mine? Would his duo jet have a rheostat on it right now? If it doesn't why would I need one? I just assumed that an audio taper pot - IS variable by nature of what it is.

If I order an audio taper pot from TV Jones here: 500K audio taper pot

then, where would I find a rheostat? Thanks again



I really think you need someone to do this for you. No offense, but this is not a good idea for you to do, and we are getting nowhere here.

I 'm going to back off this thread now, and very much suggest that you get someone to take care of this.



Chrisp, I found out pretty much what I need to know. I just have 2 questions about a capacitor and a resistor.

To convert my tone switch to a pot, I'll need a 500k audio taper pot, and a capacitor, value .022 mf, (but what voltage is necessary?)

This is what TV Jones offers on their site: Polyester Orange Drop - Vishay/Sprague

Next, for the treble bleed mod, I'll need to solder a 150k resistor (again what voltage) and also a capacitor with a value of .001 mf (what voltage do I ask for)? I plan on buying these parts from a local electronics supplier in my city.

Last one... Does metal film VS carbon comp matter for this application? Thanks.

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