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passive volume control


Seems like reverb and ebay used to be full of homebrew passive volume controls made in the little 1x 3 box w/ one knob, sometimes w/ kool paint job. Always around $30 or so. Now I can't find any - seen any of these around?


You can make one a lot cheaper than $30 if you have a parts bin. 2 jacks, box, a pot and a knob, and a bit of wire.

You probably don't see them anymore because no one would pay $30 for one.


This is way better:


– Billy Zoom

Our upright bass player won't use one of those-- I like em tho. But he needs something since his electric upright doesn't have any volume control.


I’m not sure about miniature ones.

Like the Schatten Black Box?

John Pearse JPV1, does this really exist?

EHX sells the Signal Pad.

A volume pedal with a minimum volume control works well.

Taylor V-Cable...that’s cool.


The Realist Docking Station


Someone makes a volume control on the end of a 1/4" guitar cable. Something could be easily made to clip/fit on an upright. BZ's pedal makes the most sense.

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