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Parkel amp 25L15


Just wondering what happened with the Parkel amp that was for sale awhile back. Did one of the GretschPager's get it? I sure hope so! Great amps! Hard to beat for "Chet tone"!! Thanks, Steve


I tried to purchase it, Steve, but he had sold it to someone else. I think he told me that it was someone who was a friend of his.


I just found out that the amp went to John McClellan in STL. John is an extraordinary guitarist. He performs every year at the Chet convention, and usually goes to France in the summer to instruct classical guitar. His day job is at a college in the STL area. He has been endorsed by the Chet Atkins Estate to write books about the Chet style, Chet Atkins in 3 Dimensions, and others.

I know this doesn't ease the pain for Tavo, and others who were interested, and I hate that, but John is a good guy, a good friend, and a wonderful guitar player. He will do the amp proud.



I think that's great news Richard. Thanks for clearing up the mystery of its new home. This amp deserves to go to someone who will use it to play music as it was designed for. Disappointing for some to be sure, but it really couldn't have found a finer home, all things considered.


Looks like it went to a good home. Thanks for the update.


That's great news! He is a mighty fine player. Just wondering, if it o.k. what number of Parkel amp is it? Only 9 in captivity. Be interesting to know! Thanks, Steve


That’s probably an early one.


That must be what my teachers referred to as "deductive reasoning." Right?


It is #1, with meticulous detail work, just as in the rest of the ones made. Mr Park's attention to detail is exceptional. I think only 10 were made. He took the project as a preservation of Chet history.

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