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Parkel 25L15 Available For Sale


I am passing this information along for a friend.

The Parkel 25L15 amp is built by Bud Park in Kansas, a retired electrical engineer. Mr Park had access to a Standel 25L15 that was 10 serial numbers away from the amp owned by Chet Atkins. He made the Parkel by reverse engineering the Standel. Mr Park made 10 of these amps, I believe. I own #7, and I believe Steve Sanders owns #8. A friend of mine in California owned #9, and has since retired from playing and has sold his to someone else.

My amp will never be for sale, unless some kind of adverse circumstances should force such. My Parkel is the best amp I have ever played through. Bar none. I wouldn't trade it for a vintage Standel 25L15. That's how much I think of it. The amp for sale should be the same as mine.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to own a Standel 25L15 type amp. It is an identical clone, with the exception of an improvement or two that only adds to the quality.

I understand the owner only wants $1500 for the amp. That is the bargain of a lifetime, imo, if you are looking for that kind of an amp.

I don't want to post the man's email address that told me about this, but if you will PM me, I will give it to you. His name is Bill Park, and he is the brother to the man that built the amp. Bill can put you in touch with the owner.

I apologize for such a runaround, but that is the information I have. It will be worth the trouble, believe me, if you are seriously interested in the amp.

Thanks, Richard


Oh, Lordy! That seems like the deal of this relatively young century!


Oh God, let me check on my mortgage!


That price for this amp is UNBELIEVABLE! I have a Standel (new) 25L15 which is really the same amp. If I didn't have the Standel, I would have thrown my bid in on this amp in a heartbeat.

For what is in the opinions of a whole lot of people one of the very best sounding amps on the planet, this is a once in a life opportunity. The alternative for getting one of these amps is to spend TRIPLE this price for a new Standel.


If it weren't for a few million gallons of Atlantic between us I'd have pulled the trigger one this as soon as I saw Richard's post this morning.


Bill Park just emailed me and told me that the amp was only available for local pickup in Rolla or St Louis only, or possibly at the CAAS in Nashville in July.

Sorry, but that is the message.


Oh good god, and I just happen to be heading to Missouri this weekend. And tax refund.

A few years ago, I'd have not thought twice.


Wow, and I haven't squandered my tax refund yet on silly things like food and clothing. I'd drive to Missouri to pick it up if it were up to me. Dang. Just dang.


I've just sold my big amps. I don't need a big amp. I don't deserve a Standel/Parkel. What would I do with it? HOW DOES IT TAKE PEDALS?

You see what I mean.

But it's a grail box, no doubt. I could still succumb. So could any of us.


I've just sold my big amps. I don't need a big amp. I don't deserve a Standel/Parkel. What would I do with it? HOW DOES IT TAKE PEDALS?

You see what I mean.

But it's a grail box, no doubt. I could still succumb. So could any of us.

– Proteus

Do yourself a favor -- go try it out.......

Not a "BIG" amp, at least compared to Fender Twin Reverbs, several Marshalls, etc. Heavy -- yes, about 50 pounds (thanks to the JBL D130). I deal with that by not moving it a lot.

Just sayin'.......


O.K. gotta chime in here! Yes I do own Parkel amp #8 and let me tell you, I really believe there isn't a better amp out there ANYWHERE in the world!!! After years and years of staring, drooling, and dreaming of one day owning an amp like this it really did come true. I think based on actual personal knowledge this amp is better than any Standel reissue. Let me tell you about Mr. Bud Park, Bill's brother. I guess the best way to describe him is "nit-pickity". The craftsmanship, quality, attention to detail, and performance is almost unbelievable. Anyone without even hearing or playing through a Parkel amp would be super impressed with his work. Sometimes I just sit and look and marvel at it! And the sound and tone; volume, treble, bass...all you need!! They come with a JBL D130 speaker just like the old Standels. Mine had an aluminum dust cap and was a tad bright so I got a JBL D130A with a paper cap just like Richard has in his. Made the difference. Now folks, pay real close attention. If you've ever had the slightest inkling of owing a sure-nuff Chet Atkins / Gretsch tone machine then here's your chance. I strongly urge any and all to check out Richard Hudson's tunes he has posted and on his website to get an earful of his Parkel amp and Country Gentleman guitar doing "their thang"!!! Richard has the most wonderful tone of any I've heard yet. Yeah, most of it is him, but the combination of that Parkel and CG guitar make it happen. I can hardly believe one is actually for sale and the PRICE is crazy!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity. Gotta stop, I could go on and on. Git in your car, go fill up, and git goin'!! Dreams really do come true!! Steve


I think based on actual personal knowledge this amp is better than any Standel reissue. Steve Sanders

Not interested in getting into a debate which nobody can win..... While I appreciate,understand and applaud your enthusiasm for your Parkel -- have you ever played one of Danny McKinney's Standels?

The "new" Standels in recent decades have been built by McKinney who learned his craft directly from Bob Crooks. So his amps are the same as the original design by Crooks.

I'm NOT debating the quality of the Parkel amps. Never played one but I believe from other players comments that they are equal to the Standels "of the day". I don't understand how you can say that they are better than "any Standel reissue".

Have you played both or tried both side by side? If the Parkel is truly better than the Standel maybe I need to think about a trip to St. Louis.....


Well to be totally honest no I have not played a Standel 25L15, but only other Standel models. Since I have not played a Standel and you have not played a Parkel then I guess we can just stand by our individual opinions with no malice given or taken. I just wanted to share my own experience with my amp. I do believe that anything built by an individual instilling his expertise and love of craft and not mass producing anything for retail sales is more likely than not to produce a possibly higher quality product. Remember Parkel amps are reverse engineered from a hands-on original in hand Standel 25L15 just a few numbers away from Chet Atkins' amp, a 1954 model. I also have high confidence in Danny McKinney with his own devotion and experience to produce a quality, vintage, correct to butcher paper amp. It would be very interesting to do an A/B side-by-side blind test between a Parkel and a Standel. Here's the thang....you're a winner and I'm a winner! Maybe some YouTube'r will do the test. As long as me and you are happy then all is well. I really do like and value your postings here on the GretschPages. Always eager to listen and learn!! Steve


So did anyone Here already buy it?


I tried to, Manny, but he sold it to someone else.


I tried to, Manny, but he sold it to someone else.

– Ric12string

I was hoping someone here would pick it up. Was looking forward to some pictures of it sitting behind a Gretsch.


You've got to be quick!

– Don Birchett

I was very quick, Don. When I first contacted him, he didn't have another buyer; he had only sent a friend an email telling him that the amp was for sale. He wanted to hear back from him before he struck a deal a with me. This Parkel was serial number 1. It would have been nice to acquire.

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