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ooh man I got me two new cabs from the 60s


Now that is cool! Careful with these beauties.

I read what the designer said about them: don't fasten the screws to tight, only four and the power rating has not been determined really.

Every time I hear that speaker, I know I want one. It's king.

Got speaker envy now.


I've had the D120 and didnt like it..we'll see what there's monsters sound like soon.


If they are original coned, unwarped and thus not scraping the coil, I stand in line for one. Put my name down.


they are mint.. plus both these cabs were recovered w reissue blackface sparkle. literally over the original turquoise silverface grillcloth AND DRIPRAIL. so both these cabs are silverface, drip rail intact, cabs..


here's the back with the speakers in, wiring it up with some 16gauge cable


The secret to my tone is to wire my cabs with 4 gauge.

Congrats on the sweet scores, Tavo!


Epic. I can't wait to hear that BASS through those SPEAKERS!8-)Epic. I can't wait to hear that BASS through those SPEAKERS!Epic. I can't wait to hear that BASS through those SPEAKERS!


Hmm, android loves this website...


A guy has a D130 on the local craigslist for $175. Awful tempting.


He doesn't say, and just has pictures of it from the rear, in a cab. Looks pretty clean, but that doesn't mean much.


the way I looked at it with my purchase was "I'm getting two original D130s for almost half the price of two new weber californias


well, that cab was lots of fun for maybe a half hour, but once I got the bandmaster reverb cab together with a celestion heritage G12-65 and Greenback, I like it much better.


Right! Get rid of them nasty D130s.... :D


my dad came over and played through the D130s with the 6118 loaded with p90s and loved it over my 6120 and celestions. Oh well, my opinions better! mahahaha.


No really. These are not the speakers you are looking for. Move along. (jedi trick)

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