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Now, THIS looks interesting (Quilter content)


I just saw an advertisement for one of these from Quilter. Basically a 45 watt SS amplifier in the size of a pedal. Watched a couple of videos and it sounds pretty good, too.

I just might have to buy one of them, if for nothing else but the uniqueness!



PS--Not affiliated with Quilter, but I do own a Micro-Pro 200 that I like very much.


10 years ago I made basically the same thing. 8x bigger, spent about $225?

Amazing how things shrink...


I wonder if it heats up underfoot.


It probably does generate some heat---nature of the beast. Electro Harmonix also had a couple of small board mounted amps. If you don't want to haul around a full amp rig, it might be a good idea. It would also be good as a backup amp. Quilter has a good reputation. As to the lack of controls---it is what it is. You want full controls and FX; use a full size amp. For $150, it's not a bad investment.


It wont heat that much i think. Its a class D poweramp which uses HF switching technology. Basically switched mode power supply alike but thumping the current with your chops


I have one of these but I'm ashamed to admit, I haven't plugged it in yet. I got it at the same time I got one of their Overdrive 200 blocks, and the Micro Block and all my other amps have been sitting quietly with their covers on (or in this case, sitting on a shelf) ever since. Looking forward to trying it if I ever get the time, and may use it as a headphone amp on my next business trip. I think I played one at the NAMM Show, but it's been so long, I don't remember. I've heard others play through them, and they sound remarkably good.

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