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not worth it ?


I have a 1964 Princeton that has that transitional circuit. I paid nowhere near what they want for that Vibro Champ. Cool amp, but that's just nuts.


is a guitar included at that price ?


I was looking at VB's several years ago. At that time I thought $600 was high!


$1850 for a 5W amp? i think not.


There might be someone brainless enough to pay this price but it would take a particularly clueless soul to do it. This is a bad market to try and find a PT Barnum buyer.


I’ve a ‘67 I’ll sell you for $1800.00. Plus shipping, of course.

I’ve probably (?) been guilty of the “greater fool” theory on more than a couple of purchases myself.

only time will tell


The champ is one of the least changed circuits, buy a silverface and blackface it!


I'm not saying it's right but there's new production amps ptp hand wired getting that kind of money and in that 5 watt range. Yeah it's crazy.


Thats what the collectors have done to the market.I would bet whoever buys it at that price will never play it.I had a guy bring me a mint 57 Champ to re-cap about ten years ago.This guy is a player and had bought me a number of nice vintage Fenders for re-cap/upgrades.I'm not one to avoid doing this kind of work to a vintage amp that is going to get played for the sake of keeping it stock for re-sale.But this Champ was so pristine,the tweed looked so clean I thought it could possibly been re done at some point.I advised him not to re-cap or change anything,first time in my life I'd done that, till he looked into its possible value.He's a collector as well as a player and knows a lot of people in the vintage game.He took it to an appraiser...the appraiser gave him $3500 for it.And he paid me $800 to make him a clone that sounded better.


Either someone bought it or complained enough about the price because no longer listed. I get an error 404.


The champ is one of the least changed circuits, buy a silverface and blackface it!

– Daniel Weldon

No difference between a BF and SF Champ circuit, except maybe a snubber cap if the amp oscillated.


If you can solder you can pretty much build your own Champ, and for a lot less than that.

I have, but I like the 5E3 more.


I built a 5F1 Champ for myself once and hated it. I added a choke. Then started the mods. When the dust settled I created a class A amp that sounds fantastic....at 12 watts. But what can I say? It sounds fantastic, takes pedals great. Does great cleans. After about a year of taking it to the limit, the only casualty was the Weber speaker which blew but I had reconed. The power transformer does seem a bit frail for 12 watts. It gets hot after an hour or so cranked up. For my purposes it's fine but if it ever goes I'll replace it with a heavier one.

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