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New Tweed Day


Congrats, and welcome to Tweed Land! No also ran's around here...

– General_Lee

Been living in Tweed Land since I bought my Deluxe around 1984. Still have it! It's been to hundreds of gigs.


Update on this amp... It's just staggering. I guess it's hard to separate the actual sound from all the unicorns and mojo that fly around tweed Bassmans, but... I really can't believe it. It's so good, I feel like I have to raise the level of my playing, especially in the area of pick grip and dynamics, to really get what this amp is capable of to come out. I'm not worthy!!! I'm trying, though!!


That's some good stuff right there! I'm glad it's taking you to a new level too.


Aw, man!! Yeah, my pics got eaten!

– JBGretschGuy

Mine, too!


It needs a BZ Multi-Watt mod so you can turn down the volume without changing the tone.


It has a MV but...it's a MV...it's usefulness is limited. Can you say what your mod is without giving up secrets? Is it power scaling? Reversible for a vintage amp? I'm reluctant to ship My Precious. Har!

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