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OK... All the hype, mojo, juju, placebo, etc. just might be true. I think this is truly The One Amp to Rule Them All

[Link] ( photo DSCN0008_zpsgwmduvaz.jpg)


Awesome amp! Also, for GDP, use the HTML "link" they give you and it will show the picture here instead of a link to the photo bucket page.


Awesome Charlie, is that a 58?


Yup. 5F6A 4-holer. It's not the best house, but it's in the best neighborhood ;)


Damn, that is nice! Congratulations!


Those sound so great! Congrats!


That's really something.


Very nice! I just restored a '56 5E6. They are just wonderful.


Magnificent amp. What's the grey box inside the cabinet?


I'm not sure what's actually inside it...maybe just a pot...but the box seems big for that. It's a master volume wired right to the volume pot. Like most master volumes, it's good if used judiciously...too much and things get fizzy. That preamp distortion can be unpleasant to my ears.


Very nice! I just restored a '56 5E6. They are just wonderful.

– JBGretschGuy

Cool! Pics?


It might be an L-pad attenuator charlie, however I've never been able to find a 2 Ohm L-pad for a Bassman.


You want pics of the guts? I've been curious myself. It's wired right to the volume pot. I'll email them to you. Posting pics is way to complicated here...I can't believe I successfully did it 2x. When I put the web address into the bar, it shows up in the post with a ton of extra gobbledegook and the pic won't post until I figure out which part of it to delete. On some sites, it just comes up as the same thing twice, so I delete the repeated part. But not here...


Does the PM feature still work? I'd be curious to see what's going on.

A few weeks back I built an attenuator box for my mate's '59 Bassman. Inside there are two 8 Ohm 50W resistors that can be switched in and out.

Rather than use a variable attenuator we decided to use the resistors as optional dummy loads. So he can now switch off one or two speakers depending on the venue and there's no discernible change in tone.

The amp is happy too because it's always seeing 2 Ohms.


It's just a pot in the box...basic master volume set-up, I guess. Frankly...I don't know what people are talking about with these amps being so loud. I have a well-behaved drummer and I can gig a Princeton...but usually a 5E3 Deluxe...and this Bassman gets some nice edge-of-breakup hair on it at very reasonable volume without using the MV.


Congrats, and welcome to Tweed Land! No also ran's around here...

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