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New Supro amp build


I can switch out a 1/4” jack. Easy peasy.


Dug out some quarter sawn oak for the cabinet back panels.


Wraparound baffle complete.


Benefits of an offset chassis.


As a guitar player I’ve always tended to pay more attention to the the voice of the instrument, the amplifier. Genetically OCD I dove in head first in search of “the amp”. I’ve built many but I’m still searching. I love the process and approach each amp like it’s my dream amp. And they are.

This is my last post. This is a guitar forum not an amp forum. I’d love to make an amp for everyone on this forum, or I can help you build your own. If you would like a dream amp I’m easy to find.

Too many pots on the fire. Cheers.


A guitar forum, but this is the "other amps" sub-forum. I enjoy following your build threads and I think you do really cool stuff. I know I love the amp I got from you!


Never did post the final product.


And from the south.


Sure is pretty ain’t it....but ahhh I don’t recall seeing the Brain in the box with amp :)


Sorry brother. It’s the only Brain I have.

By the way, loved the vids. He’s a little rocker!


Mr Dog you are an inspiration. That amp is beautiful and electric guitar is nothing without an amp. Like you I have spent a lot of time working on the guitar's voice - the amp. Sometimes I suspect it might even be more important than the guitar, but then I remember that they need each other.


That is a gorgeous creation! I wish I had the time (and the shop) to do something like that... I'd love to build my own amp someday, but it would have to be from a kit (because I can't read schematics), and it would have to be when I'm retired (so I have the time).

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