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New “old” amp day:Vox AC30H2 (Anniversary)


Incredible! especially with my Gretsch ‘53 Duo Jet.

I really think I got the best AC30 around w/The two Alnico Blues (very 3D sounding), EF86/Top-Boost (no M.V., reverb or tremolo) just pure goodness! Hand-wired, I can’t rave about this amp enough.

Putting some new, upgraded capacitors and NOS tubes in it this weekend.

Yes. It’s loud but with the cleans set at the right level and then kicking in a Crowther Hotcake (slightly above unity) it is so good. Instant REM, Jayhawks, Beatles, Stones, etc etc. I feel like a rockstar, so inspiring to play and the Gretsch is perfectly matched. just sayin’


My Vox amps seem to like digital delay over analog and drive pedals with “hard-clipping” Hot Cake, RAT, treble boosters, etc and respond well to most modulation. My Ventilator II ( “Leslie” rotary effect) sounds amazing with the Vox, plate reverb (Catalinbread Talisman), Phase 45, etc.

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