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New cab for a Pro Jr


Started working on a new cabinet for a Pro Jr. Solid figured maple, big enough to stuff any 12” speaker into.


Usual construction methods.


Always like seeing build pix!


Hey Mel. I’m also working on a new Mini with an EF86 preamp, like an old AC4. I’d sure like to run it past you when it’s done.


That's going to be gorgeous! Love the shield!


Super clean work! What jig do you use for the joints?


Very, very nice!! You do beautiful work, Powdog! (As a cabinet maker I consider myself a pretty good judge of that stuff...)

Just curious -- is that hard maple?


Looking great! Curious what mods you may be doing to the Pro Jr amp.


Bigger 1x12 cabinets do wonders for the Pro Jr. Amp. I did some recording with one with a celestion blue in it. Really sounded good.


I get my hardwood from a supplier that does a lot of wood floors, so I suppose it’s rock maple. Doubt it’s big leaf.

I have the big Porter Cable jig and a 3hp PC router. The 1/2” collet helps a lot when cutting really hard woods.

I think the only mod planned is the NFB bypass switch. A 12” speaker makes a huge difference.


Oh yeah,super stoked at how this is going to turn out!!!


Super nice dovetail joints. I always admire, and respect top drawer woodworking skills. You do great work Powdog, it's a thing of beauty.


Wow, that looks amazing!

Definitely interested in finding out more about that Mini with the AC4 front end. I'll be gigging my mini for the first time next Saturday.


Awesome cab. Way overkill nice to have Chinese made Pro Junior guts inside.


Awesome cab. Way overkill nice to have Chinese made Pro Junior guts inside.

– guitarcapo

That was sorta the plan initially when Ethan and I talked about this along with another build in the future. Of course it just started out as a simple cab swap,the usual for a PJ...make a good sounding amp mucho better.However after helping my niece start college this year for pre-Law,my daughter graduating early and then Florence dipping her hand my wallet for the crap she tore up on the farm weeks ago...for now it’ll have to retain the stock guts.At a later time I’ll most likely just send the chassis back.


Getting darker. The figure’s really popping.


Gettin pretty shiny

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