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New angled front cabinet for my stereo deluxe reverb build


After I finished my stereo deluxe reverb amp build I found it fit nicely in this old cab I had built a long time ago and was sitting unused. It worked well and sounded good (a rectangular cab built of 1/2" baltic birch.)

At the end of a recent job I was told I could take a bunch of quality maple ply home. Mostly 1/4" 5 ply but some 1/2" stock as well (lower quality) and some odds and ends of solid maple milled pieces(various stuff that's good for bracing etc.

It sat around for a while until I had the use of a table saw and i proceeded to design and build a cabinet with an angled front, like the Gibson stereo amps but a much less extreme angle. just enough to hear the separation better(particularly at a distance) but not so much you can't hear the top end of the amp. Front mounted baffles for ease of maintenance etc. Speakers have been swapped side to side to put the lighter eminence under the giant twin reverb power transformer while the much heavier JBL D123 is sitting under the light half of the amp. Here's what I came up with: Basically functionally done (still to do , finishing, proper speaker mounting (just attached from the back with a couple of screws for testing), tilt back legs mounting, grill cloth on baffles


cab built with amp cutout done and bracing finished next to old cab


Beautiful! It's got a bit of a Watkins Dominator vibe going on! Please post pics when it's all done!


This is the first I'm hearing about this amp. I searched through your past posts and couldn't find any mention of it. Care to share any details of the design/build?


Here's a thread I started here about the amp itself, the first post describes most of the features and there's a schematic too. Basically a deluxe reverb and a plain deluxe sharing a power supply and a cabinet, oh and using 7189 output tubes instead of 6V6s for space consideration and for the fun of trying it. I've been using the amp at shows and rehearsals for the past year and a bit. http://gretschpages.com/for...


Is this for use with Gretsch stereo pickups? If so, flip the phase on one channel...they work better that way.


I am amazed by what some of you guys can build... great stuff.


Nice cab. Like the eclectic row of knobs too.


Is this for use with Gretsch stereo pickups? If so, flip the phase on one channel...they work better that way.

– Billy Zoom

It's actually designed to use with my Roland RE-150 which has separate dry and echo outs. I used to use two amps with the 'dry' amp feeding into the wet amp to retain some "stereo" after turning off the echo. I always wanted to accomplish it in one amp. This was the result. Getting a bit of angle on the front gives a similar spacial feel to two amps spaced out a little. As it's a deluxe and a deluxe reverb in one amp I fixed the phase of the channels at the speakers.

I have line outs like my 1980 Super which come right off the speaker jack basically) They of course are out of phase and if I am doing some late night straight in recording I have to flip the phase of the 'echo' channel. Interestingly I was recording a heavy tremelo part straight in the other night and discovered that with the 2 signals out of phase the tremelo in stereo is pretty superb. Very intense and otherwordly a little like the pitch shifting vibrato. I imagine I am getting some cool EQ effect with the two signals phase shifting as well.


Got the cab 95% finished and everything put together. Seems to work well. Still to do, add fender style tilt back arms. I usually make mine out of old maple organ bass pedals but in this instant I have some wider and thinner solid maple stock which I'm going to use. Total hard cost of cabinet, about $60 Can. (finish and hardware)


And of course Fender Style tiltback arms made of maple. And a cool silvertone logo!

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