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New amp build


The third question was "does the pull switch engage the extra triode in series?", but bright switch and parallel triodes are cool too. Very nice work, clean dress. What's the speaker?


Gonna start with an alnico Tone Tubby. The hempcones can sometimes be pretty dark sounding. If so, I have a Weber alnico Blue that I’ll try.


Ended up liking the Weber alnico Silver Bell most.


Scripty control panel


nice handle.

– LA_Manny

Reading back thru this today, Manny’s comment cracked me up. I think Tavo was showcasing some reverb units once, and my comment was also “nice handle”.


Nice job! Where did you get the gold trim strip on the front?


Used to get it from Mojotone. I think North Coast Music has a strangle hold on it now, as well as all Vox amp parts.


The amp seeing action tonight in Reno courtesy of Spencer Kilpatrick and Failure Machine.


I had to leave the Roundup unexpectedly this past weekend. On the midnight drive home my mind was wandering and for some reason I remembered that I had built an amp for a new music store in Georgetown CA. It’s been there ever since, maybe 6 or 7 years.

I picked it up today and it still looks new. Another Marshall 18 Watt clone.


Volume and Tone, what else do you need. Well, maybe a trick switch to change the voicing a little.

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