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New 68’ Silverface Vibrolux resissue? Speakers?


I have a New 68' Silverface Vibrolux reissue and not too wild about the stock new speakers ,,

Seems like the new speakers are kind of cheap even though they are stock ,,

They are Celestion 10' - 30 Watts.

What would you guys recommend as speaker replacements?


Hey about a pair of killer clean D 110s


Thought about that ,,

If I can find them?

Hope that they won't be too bright though?


Check out Weber.They have great speakers and their descriptions are pretty much spot on.If you contact them and tell them what you have and what you want as far as tone,they will give you their recommendation.I did this a number of times when Ted was still alive and his recommendations always nailed it.I havent dealt with the son directly,but I hear he is just as good as his dad was.


I have one Weber 10F150 and a 10A125 in my Tremolux that is now in a 2 X 10 open back cabinet. I like the the sound as it is beefy and the combination of ceramic and alnico produces a complex sound. However, as good as these are, I would like that amp to be more airy sounding and perhaps a tadd less efficient. So, I just ordered a pair of the Weber CTC 10 speakers, which are supposed to be like the old ceramic CTS 10's. Some of the old Vibrolux's had alnico CTS 10's. Reports are that the ceramic ones sounded better. Most modern speakers are too efficient for me; I'd like to run the amps a bit higher than possible in the small to medium clubs that I play in.


How many hours of playing time are on the Celestions?

You might want to give them time...

It's easy to add a pair of Weber Beam Blockers, makes for an improved opinion.


I put a pair of Ragin' Cajuns in my Vibroverb Reissue and had no complaints. Neither did the guy I sold it to.


I have a AB763 (blackface) vibrolux reverb build It's a 35 watt amp and I want it to be as light as possible I've tried various 10s as they showed up

D110s are rare as hens teeth, EXPENSIVE and HEAVY but undoubtedly they would be lovely sounding! I LOVE JBLS! I had a pair of K110s in mine..sounded quite good but Too ^&%&^% heavy. I might as well use my super reverb

-I've since tried a pair of Warehouse veteran 10s cheap and cheerful , 20 watts a pop , really light and surprising good sounding for their very low price tag. Loud enough to stay clean with a loud drummer

  • I also picked up a pair of Eminence Ga10-SC64 Allessandros, A little more efficient and maybe a little prettier top end also a little more expensive 25 wats and together about a pound or 2 heavier. I'm currently using these.

If I hadn't tried the Alessandros I would've enjoyed the veterans and been happy with them. If they were the same impedances(veterens 16ohms Alessandros- 8ohms) I would've tried one of each which is often a good way to go for a fuller sound, kind of like using two different amps simultaneously. They fill each other out.

I've also tried the 10" Eminence legends, also good speakers and very efficient but at 75 watts a pop (150 together) overkill in the power handling and thus weight, about 7lbs each

Oh and as a point of interest I've read that Eminence confirms that the fender 'special design' speakers are actually Eminence Legends . I have one ( a 12") and it sounds great too, it's what I actually suspected when I tried it and it makes sense as the 'legend' is eminence's cheaper speaker.

I'm pretty picky about sound too.


I have a pair of Eminence Copper Head 10’s in my Allen Encore which is a copy of a BF VR. They sound really good in there. I think you would be happy with those, or the Ragin Cajuns or the Legends for that matter. Mr. Allen likes the Copper Heads so I went with his recommendation. I’m sure they would sound a lot better than the Celestion 10’s. Just my .02.


The easiest way to control costs of a mass production amp is by using the cheapest minimally acceptable speakers and tubes. Those Celestion 10’s are about the same as the stock “Special Design” Emi’s. Just about any speaker will make the amp sound better. Instant upgrade.

The original 68 Vibrolux came with Oxford or CTS alnicos. I’d bark up that tree.


Many Thanks!, for all your inputs ,,,

Very helpful,

I'm considering all the advice(s), etc. :)


I had a Vibroverb and put C10Qs in them. They were great. I am a fan of mixing speakers. Maybe a Celestion Vintage 10 and a C10Q.

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