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New 6156RT build


Starting a new build. A Gretsch 6156 with an added spring reverb circuit. 6973 power tubes and a two control tremolo instead of a single speed control. Almost done with the chassis.


Here's the control panel layout. Two knob trem, two knob reverb.


Going for this look with the cabinet.


Hi Powdog, do you know where I could find a good overview of the different Gretsch amps produced during the Valco era?


Where do you get your chassis?


How many watts will this one be, Powdog?


Oldfrets.com has a nice chronology of all Valco amps including the Gretsches. Schematics and the years each model was produced. Terry Dobbs site at valcoamp.com has a lot of good info as well.

I picked up this particular chassis at Watts Tube Audio, but I usually have Terry at seasidemusic@eastlink.ca fabricate my customs.

This amp will put out about 18 watts.


Ric12string, I have a custom set of transformers specifically designed for a 4 x 6973 35 watt version of this amp (or any other 6973 based amp). Been on the back burner for a couple years. One of these days....


Thanks for the links. Something new to delve into.


Well while I think the cab will look great, and i like the idea of wheel on a heavy amp, I think that might just be too big for most venues.


But you can drive it to the gig Jimmy


Along these lines, but black, white and chrome. Won't drip ATF.


Gonna be barking thru a C15N, that's a given.

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