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Neo speakers


Are they any good for bass speakers or do you need a real honkin heavy magnet, etc for good bass sound


They're fast becoming a standard for bass speakers (because years of hauling a fridge has taken its toll on bassists backs). Not -at all- lacking low end.


bassplayer in my band has an Ampeg ported 4X10 with eminence neos, and it sounds fantastic, is (very) loud and seems to hold up just fine. And it's a joy to carry compared to a cab loaded with a quad of heavy duty ceramics.


Neodymium magnets are more powerful per their mass than ferrite or alnico magnets. This is what allows them to be so loud and light at the same time. You don't need a heavy magnet for good bass sound, just a powerful one. Neo magnets are able to do this with less mass.

I use neos for bass, and I can pick up my bass 2x10 with one finger. Couple that with a Class D bass head, and playing bass in a band becomes more convenient than ever


Oh yeah, my youngest brother uses them with great success, in his bass rig! He was just resently giving me his rig rundown, and Neodymium speakers came up, along with his class D amplifier head. He is a happy camper, not having to haul the refrigerator around anymore.


My bass player uses two 1x12 cabs by EBS (Electric Bass Sweden, I think). They have neo speakers, sound very good and don't weigh much at all. And his amp is a tiddly thing that weighs hardly anything yet is rated at 400W. I reckon it's all voodoo. Bring back the Ampeg 8x10 -- plus full flightcase!


All of them that I've tried have been light on weight, and light on bass.

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