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Hey guys, I'm building a 2 x 12 to take to gigs when I can't fit my 4 x 12. I need speakers to run 40w 8ohm total. Any tone difference between 2 x 4ohm series and 2 x 16ohm parallel? I'm in Aus, does the site have any sponsor I should check out 1st?


Check either AGGH forum or MELBAND, pickup some used speakers and mess around till yo find the combo you like!


Lately I've been mixing speakers in a 2x12. Currently I've got a Celestion Classic Lead 80 and an Eminence Wizard — I like the blend and they both seem to me to be of similar efficiency so one doesn't override the other.

Plan B is to pair a Celestion G100 with on old RCF unit from a vintage Simms Watt amp that died many years ago.

Sorry, I don't know if parallel/series wiring makes a tonal difference. I just wire them up appropriately to give me the total impedance I need.


I think there can be a tonal difference, because one exact type of speaker can have another character when the ohms are different.


Evatco are in qld, they are Jensen dealers.


I dont think it will make a big enough difference,tonally,series or parallel,so I would go with the parallel wiring for safety reasons.If you blow one speaker with a series connection your OT will be left with an open connection on the secondary.If one speaker goes with a parallel connection you still have a 16ohm on that secondary.


Cheers... OT=Output Transformer? So reading the EVATCO site I'm confused as to weather I want ceramic or Alnico now ....it never ends!


Yes,OT is your output tranny.Ceramic or alnico is a subjective thing.To me the alnico's have a somewhat "softer breakup",if that means anything to you.They are more expensive because the magnet material is more expensive,not necessarilly better.I find they are better for lower power applications,but like I say,it is a subjective thing.For your use,I would think ceramic would be better.

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