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Theme From A Summer Place”


Here's a crack at the "Theme From A Summer Place" from the movie classic. The tune is taken somewhat after Chet's wonderful arrangement with a few changes thrown in. The background music is by the Royal Philharmonic and is used WITH PERMISSION.

I love my Gretsches, but this time I went with a Gibson, Chet Country Gent, autographed by the man himself. The slides are of the actors in the movie.

The link is below. I hope you like.


You picked a beautiful piece to play, Gene. When I was a teenager, early twenties, my band played that more in the Ventures style. It was always one of my favorites to play. That is neat that Chet signed your guitar. I never had the opportunity to meet him. Paul Yandell signed my CE and my '59, and also gave me a few pieces of Chet memorabalia, and that means a lot to me. Thanks for posting. One of the most beautiful movie scores from our era.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate the comments.

It's one of my favorite tunes. I was a young kid when this song first came out. Whenever I hear it, I'm taken back to another time. A different time. A time when all I cared about was baseball, model airplanes and trying to figure how Chet played those amazing licks. Some things today are the same as they were back then....and some things are very different.

But then again, I suppose I'm a lot different too.


Instant Animal House flashbacks!!

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