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NCD - Egnater Tweaker 112x Speaker CAB


I got this yesterday

Egnater Tweaker 112x Speaker Cabinet.

Specs: Features - 1x12 inch Extension Cabinet - Celestion G12H-30 loaded (16 ohm) - 30 Watts RMS - Partial Open Back Cab Design - Void-Free Birch Ply Construction

Manufacturer's spiel: Egnater crafts the Tweaker 112X as a partially open-back guitar cabinet with birch-ply construction then loads it with a Celestion G12H-30 12" speaker for vintage-style sound. The Tweaker 112X oozes classic tone yet is compact and portable. Put 2 Egnater Tweaker 112X extension cabinets together for the ultimate Tweaker guitar stack!

I got this to go with my Egnater Tweaker 15w head. I had been using a self-built CAB with a Eminance Texas Heat 12" speaker. That CAB and speaker sound great, and great with the Tweaker amp. But, in my research, the Tweaker CAB was supposed to have been designed as the perfect match for the Tweaker amp. Also, reviews for the cab and the Celestion 70th Anniversary, Heritage G12H-30 were absolutely glowing. Many are using the CAB for use with non Egnater amps, they find it sounds so good.

The great reviews are earned.

Build Quality: Extremely well built cabinet. Solid. The Birch ply is very solid, yet it's not too heavy. It's lighter than my other CAB. Other than having two units, it would be easy to tote this and the head on a gig, if I gigged. Fit and finish is perfect. It's a partially closed back. Basically, there is the middle 1/4 to 1/3 that is covered by a metal grate. I would say it's MOSTLY closed.

It also has 2 jacks in the rear. This allows you to use the CAB in series with another CAB,

Sound/Tone: OOB this CAB sounds extremely, extremely good. The tone is very balanced across the lows, mids and highs. It has a very 'creamy' tone. The lows are very tight, yet very full. My other CAB, the lows tended towards a loosy boomyness. The Mids are also very rich thand decays to warm overtones on sustained notes. The highs are VERY clear, without being shrill in any way. They can be warm, or bell-like depending on AMP and/or PUPs. I tried a range of Humbuckers, P90s and Gretsch Filter and Mega trons. In fact, my Gretsch's had more of that 'Gretsch tone'.

For a 1x12 it sounds much bigger. A very full, open tone like a 2x or 4x10. Yet, it also is very responsive to nuances in playing. Best, is it retains all of these through out the volume range. Sounds awesome at low volumes with all the above. Yet, when I cranked the Amp to full volume, master and gain, it sounded the same, just LOUDER. And it can get loud. No shrillness, farting, just good tone.

CAB is equally good with clean tones as well as distorted tones. Distortion was controlled, responsive, clear with great sepertation.

This was all, brand new, OOB. I can't wait until it breaks in. It's definately equal, brand new, first use, in all areas to the fully broken in Texas Heat speaker I have (even though the TH is voiced for more bottom end). Yet, even brand new, first minute use, it was ahead of that broken in Texas Heat. The top end is just more clear and the mids a little more full. The Texas Heat can also get a little bit harsh in the top end at either volume extreme. Again, can't wait till it gets fully broken in.

Overall I'd rate this CAB a 9.5/10, and not just with Egnater Amps.

AND, now the Texas Heat CAB can go solely with the Vibro Champ XD, which it is ideally matched to, and this with the Egnater. I WILL be getting a 2nd for my Egnater Head at some point (to run either Parallel or in series, Tweaker Head has two jacks for parrallel, Cabs can be ran in series).


I just got an Egnater Rebel 20 two days ago and don't really have a good cab for it. I'll have to go try a matched cab. Thanks for the review.


ive heard good things about this cab , especially re the low end. I was thinking of getting a pair, only problem for me is the speaker ohmage and that they won't fit under a Bassman head.


I have a Rebel 30 with a matched cab, you'd never guess it was a 1x12. They're so small and adorable, yet the sound is just fantastic. They seem to be getting quite a bit of love lately.


I got one of those 1x12's a little over a year ago for my Dr z Carmen Ghia. Works great, it's light and easily transportable.

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