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Custom amp day -- mojo cab, 2" taller than a Champ, but got a 12 stuffed in there. Amp is lo-gain, stays clean even on 10 w/ buckers which is How It Has to Be For Me. Not loud but I don't need loud. My Champ II is plenty loud.


Hey, that's a nifty amp DCBirdMan, sometimes less is more. Some of the newer amps are getting overly complicated, enjoy your new amp!


Right on! Bet you’re happy now. Is the C12R in there now?


Yes and I am considering that Weber you have shown me.. There may be a Champ-thru-12 project again so that 4 ohm C12N would be used there.


Cool little amp! Solid State or Tube? What is it? Can't see any logo...


Just a low gain 12 watter like a non reverb Princeton, 2 6V6. A local guy, Pete Cage, made it. Used a mojo cab.



If you want to put a Champ in a 12" combo cab, a MusicMaster Bass amp cab fits a Champ chassis perfectly.


I have a few Mojotone cabs. They make good stuff...

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