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NAMM Show Amplifier Leftover


So, something that I found at the NAMM Show which I quite liked, but haven't had the chance to post about here, is a new feature for the Fishman Loudbox Mini amplifier. It is that the amp is now rechargeable.

Yep, you read it right. If you are a busker, or would like to amplify your guitar while camping, or play acoustic guitar in areas where you have to run a super long extension cord and want to avoid doing so, this is your deal.

First, if you are an acoustic performer, and you aren't yet acquainted with Fishman's Loudbox series of amps, you might want to acquaint yourself with them. They are really tremendous amplifiers with most models boasting multiple channels, onboard effects, phantom power, etc. And, most importantly, they produce the sound of your guitar in a very natural manner. No thinness of tonal quality, and a full spectrum of sound. I use the Loudbox Artist and absolutely love it. In fact, I run my guitar signal through it before going into the board. And it even has a 1/8" aux input for playing your iPod between sets or for playing playbacks during your performance.

So, this new rechargeable version ("The Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge") offers some greater flexibility for the performing artist. Fishman says that the amp will deliver 12 hours of use at average volume levels. And, it also has an AC power supply and an optional 12V car charger so that you can charge up your amp on the fly between gigs.

It may not be for everyone, but it will be ideal for some.


Hold on a minute!! I can see for busking But who takes an amp into the woods? It's bad enough people have loud stereos at campsites If they guy wasn't so buff I'd be tempted to hit him with a piece of firewood!


Man. If you did that in the places I go fishing you’d get rocked in a second. I mean you’d get stoned. I mean you’d get stuff chucked at you.


Nature, as I knew it growing up on tv, always had a nice music soundtrack. I’ve been out in the actual woods and I’ve seen actual nature and i thought it could use a bit of music. Now, don’t get me started on the bugs. They never mentioned the bugs on Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom.


...and thanks for the heads up, Bob.


Ah TV. A completely false representation of everything..and then they started have 'reality' TV which of course in the true tradition of TV wasn't even real. I haven't owned a TV for 20+ years and I don't miss it one bit.

That's probably a great busking/backyard practice amp.


What are "average volumes"?

– Strummerson

Less than on 11.


I'I did a solo acoustic set during a local parade (on a float) a couple of years back and certainly could have used this amp for such an occasion.

I currently use the both the Loudbox Mini & Loudbox Artist for both solo acoustic gigs as well as full band shows. I can attest to the solid performance of both amps and can't imagine this platform wouldn't meet all expectations.

Now...as for using it during camping...nah.


I go camping to get away from extraneous noise and modern life. I have a Martin Backpacker for such times---one of the best uses for an acoustic guitar. I don't want to inflict my music on someone who doesn't appreciate it, and would prefer not to be forced to listen to others' dubious choices of entertainment. One of the downfalls of modern life is the creation of boom boxes. Listening to a transistor radio, even without earphones, was still a pretty personal pastime. Boom boxes forces everyone around you to listen to your music, whether they want to or not. Yes, you have a right to pursuit of happiness (but it's not a guarantee), but I also have a right to peace and quiet. The same idea applies to 5 KW car stereos. If I can't hear my own radio, yours is too damned loud.


Okay, let's not fixate on the possibility of using the amp while camping. It was just something that I threw out there. Instead, what about the convenience of not having to set up next to a power plug? I changed over my effects board from a wired power source to a battery powered board with the Volto battery. It is great. One less wire cluttering up the stage area, I don't have to worry if I am close enough to the power source, etc.

I was impressed by the idea. By the way, it may be hype, but Fishman claims that the Loudbox Mini is the largest selling acoustic amplifier being made. They are great little amps. I use the Artist model, but all of those Fishmans are great amps.


I got one of the very first ones shipped. Sounds the same as ac version, doesn't weigh any more, also a good living room voluime bass amp and as far as battery amp, kicks ass all over that Roland cube bass battery amp.


... but seriously, this does look interesting.

I once saw a video of this rockabilly quartet, 4 guys somewhere in Holland doing "Double Talkin' Baby" and the guitar player was set up on a little Crate battery powered amp with a built-in echo effect. It sounded darn good, so if this sounds a lot better, then great. I always thought the cordless amp would be the way to go with busking. Here's a more realistic demo: Link


I’ll be interested in how long a charge lasts and how long it takes to re-charge.


That seems like a pretty long time, doesn't it? Even if you had two gigs back to back and didn't have time to re-charge it, it would easily last long enough to play both.


At the risk of revealing my inner skeptic, I assume the advertised time was reached perhaps once during testing under perfect conditions. If it’s anything like battery times with laptops, it’s quite a bit less in real world applications. I love to be proven wrong, though.

At least it has a low battery indicator and blue tooth so you can keep an eye on it.

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