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NALBD - new amp logo badge day


A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to take custody of a 6G6-B clone and accompanying 6G15 Reverb clone from my friend and guitar building mentor Danny Ellison, as he'd decided to thin the heard. Awesome gear, but, like most clones, there were no logo badges.

As I've been teaching myself CAD and CAM, logo badges seemed like a good project to try. The amp faceplate has a logo on it, so I used that as my starting point in CAD, and based on that made CAM tool paths for my CNC router. After much trial and error with the tool paths and materials, and not a few broken router bits, I managed to successfully make logos worth of such excellent gear.

Here's a glamor shot of the amp and reverb along with a double neck Mosrite clone he made.


They look fantastic! Congrats!




Why do the bits break?

– hammerhands

I tried making the logos out of aluminum, and my CNC setup doesn't have a coolant system. The aluminum would heat up and foul the bit. Several times the bit seized and broke. Attached picture shows one example of a failed run.

I then switched over to two layer plastic, which got me results and broke no bits.


So are you now his supplier of logo badges?


So are you now his supplier of logo badges?

– Don Birchett

He's doesn't build for business, so unless he builds something else, this is probably it. That being said, he seemed inspired by seeing the logos so maybe!

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