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Picked up a new 68 Princeton to go along with my AC15 Twin. Great tones from this little amp. Up til 5 on the volume it's pretty reminiscent of the PRRI, but at 5, this thick, clean tone happens that's just beautiful. I will have to crank it one day to hear it's overdriven tones. The reverb and vibrato are outstanding-some of the best I've experienced on an amp. I've been running it with my mod effects and used the vox as the dirt amp. The two complement each other well. The vox is the twangier, edgier of the two, while the Princeton has the clean tone nailed. Still experimenting on settings with the two together.

It dawned on me that this is the first time I've ever had more than one amp at a time. It's nice to have options!


Good for you!

I should have never sold my '74 Silverface PR...we all make mistakes.


Great combination. Two small amps is magical.


I just noticed this thread hadn't been updated. The Princeton went back. Too much noise in the circuit. Too bad, it sounded great up to about 5 or 6. I took it back and got a Roadhouse Strat instead. So I'm back down to the Vox. It is a great amp, especially after a tube change.

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