Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday GreTschocaster!


Best wishes for a great B-day!


Yes sir, a very Happy Birthday is what I'm hoping for you today.


OK. The above was supposed to be "Happy Birthday" but was derailed by my cat Shelby flying across the couch and laptop to something on the table!! I decided to keep so it gets her in the GDP mix!!!

Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day!!!


Hope it's a great one.


Many happy returns.


Late to the Party but: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!


Oops; I shoulda looked in Yesterday.

Happy Birthday!


Thanks everyone for the Happy Birthday wishes! I visit the forum at least 3 times a day but haven't contributed very much to the conversation lately. Don't seem to have anything too exciting to report. I have been busy since the love of my life Sandra moved into my house with me. She took her time. We have been in a relationship for 14 years. You don't want to rush into these things! Lots of changes but at least she left my music room alone. She still thinks 2 jukeboxes is a little much. I just reminded her I had 4 before she moved in. Thanks again everyone, every one of you are special and I truly love this forum.

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