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NAD: Tube Thomas Vox Pathfinder #2


Well the madness continues with a second tube Pathfinder. Decent enough shape, needs the typical caps/cord/tubes resto and has saggy-grillecloth syndrome often seen on Vox diamond cloth of a certain age.

But enough projects going on and thus cash going out in guitar and amp frivolity (including an utterly demented doubleneck project to be unveiled shortly) that this amp will see the inside of a closet for at least a few months before I can even think about it. But these are great little machines when tweaked and even better w/ 10 stuffed in them. Votes for best speaker whether 8 or 10? It’s a smokin’ 6 watts.


My 2 cents. I mean, it is a Vox.


Hmm.. yes, something to consider!

But going to sit on this one for a while til the smoke clears... plus it's been confirmed a Pacemaker 2 6BQ5 power section could be wired right in since the pans are t he same. Then it's 15 watts in this little cab. Tempting, but not going there-- right now anyway.


Those are really nice single ended amps – I wouldn't change the power supply. Mine has the original 8" gold bulldog speaker and sounds great as is. What speaker is in there now?


Right now nothing, but for me it's 10s for one of these. I just don't get along with 8's.

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