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NAD: Quilter Micro Block 45


Here is my back-up head and practice rig I just picked up while visiting Asheville, NC!

The miro block 45 was powering a 4×10 Orange cab when I demo'd it. It sounded great! Best thing beside the size (it is the size of a guitar pedal) was that it's only $150. It has a headphone jack and an aux in for home practice.

I also bought some Sony studio headphones. I finally put it through its paces yesterday. Both my Tenny and Hofner sounded really good. The Micro Block 45 is very warm and musical. I'm a tube guy, and I didn't find this sterile at all. I'm curious how it will sound powering my Ampeg J20.



Congrats! I saw those and thought they looked like a nice alternative to a regular amplifier. Only thing that stopped me was I had no real need for one....lol. I've already got one of those tiny Orange Micro Terror Heads.

I've got a Quilter Micro-Pro-8 that is also a very nice amp....definitely not sterile sounding....in fact, right now, it is functioning quite nicely as the power amp/speaker for my new Kemper Profiler Head.

Quilter makes some nice stuff...again, Congrats!


I spent last weekend with Matt Quilter, brother to Pat Quilter, founder of Quilter Amplification and QSC. Matt brought with him a bunch of Quilter amplifiers, both for guitar and bass. And I have to tell you that I was very favorably impressed with them. I would want to spend more time with them if I were looking to purchase an amp, but at first blush, they seem to be very, very good products.

Congratulations on your purchase. Play it in good health.


The fact that their combos are very light weight and by all accounts sound very good. I'd like to try one sometime.


Thanks, fellas! I've had an interest in Quilter for a while, based on some very favorable reviews from some very well- respected contributors to the GDP. I was very close to buying a 101 Mini, but once I was shown the Micro Block 45, demo'd it, and saw how this was a perfect solution to my apartment practice amp issue, it was a done deal.

I like how simple it is. I like that is an amp in its own right and not an amp modeling plug. I also like the aux in so I can play along with the tunes on our Spotify play lists.

Even with factoring the purchase of the Sony headphones, I brought the whole rig in for about $240. AND if a tube in my J20 blows, I can plug my speaker into it and power my cab.


Bump! Any further experiences with it? I’m thinking of buying one as a ‘headphone amp’ and would be grateful for some reviews.


I got one of these last week. I had two amps go down at shows the last two shows. I had to scramble and borrow gear to do the gig. 20+ yrs of gigs with no real issues, then two gigs in a row.

I bought the quilter micro 45 as a backup amp that I can use to power the combo speaker if it goes down.

It is not much louder than a champ when powering a single 10.


Ah, that’s good to know! I’m looking for a ‘pedal-platform - headphone amp’ and the Micro Block looks like the ticket!


I really like mine. Killer little item - and, surprisingly, while it's transparent enough to take your pedals and any preamping you're inclined to feed it, it also has its own characteristic and interesting voice.

Connected to the right cab, it's the real deal - and way more amp than you thought you were buying.


Great endorsement, thanks for the input. I think I'll pull the trigger as soon as I get home.


My son is an aspiring jazz guitarist. A few of his teachers use the quilters for the quality and small gigable size. We went shopping for a new amp to replace his fishman. He tried the quilters but ended up liking a Henriksen "bud".

Anybody have experience with quilters vs henriksen?


Not to be negative, but I'm a lot more impressed with Quilter's 101 heads than with the 45. A lot more amp in a package that's not all that much bigger. (the 45 is small, but the power supply is as big as the "amp")


I love my 101. Never tried the smaller one.


Not to be negative, but I'm a lot more impressed with Quilter's 101 heads than with the 45. A lot more amp in a package that's not all that much bigger. (the 45 is small, but the power supply is as big as the "amp")

– WB

I’m sure you’re right, but I really only want it as a headphones amp. And the 101 doesn’t have the aux in, which I want to play along to tunes.


I like my 101, but am crazy with my micro-pro8. Just a great all round amp,at all volumes.

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