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NAD part 2


Well you saw NGD part 2, so for amps now this fully tweaked/serviced Musicmaster Bass chassis w/ 9 smokin 6AQ5 watts is in a great Mojo Champ cab with a Celestion 10 that you all suggested for bottom end.


back of it -- under 20 pounds.


And the verdict? Clean enough?


Yes... I can go a little higher in volume cause of the lower output...that 9 watt sweet spot between 6 w Champ and 12 w Princeton is real. Dudes say I am just imagining it. ... and for this purpose I take back all the negative things I said about tone controls. Celestion10 is dark and I have good treble pickup sound from the Duncan stratbucker that was even too brite thru Jensen 12 Neo. Get my reverb on top and line out box and I am ready to roll. Mojo is it for cabs (except for custom builders like CVA).


Great job on amp, Birdman! I'm glad you are happy with the results. A lot of us, who used to play through the big amplifiers of yesterday, are finding a lot of satisfaction in the small (light weight) amplifiers of today.

My old tube rig (that's retired in the back room, weighs over 100 lbs. It has one 15" and four 12" speakers, and can crack the windows! I stopped schlepping that thing around 10 years ago, but I just can't find it in myself to sell it.

I don't play through anything now, that weighs more than 45 lbs, the power is there if I need it, but they have power attenuators, that can throttle down to just a few watts. The one I carry around most often, only weighs 22 lbs.

I'm finding out, like you are, that in many instances, less can be more. Happy times with your new amplifier, buddy!


My first word when I received my MojoTone 1*15 Cab was "Wow"!

Very nice construction and attention to detail...


Well Wade H -- biggest amp I ever owned was a piggyback black panel Bassman or a 50w Marshall head blowin' thru a Guild Thunderbass 2-12 cab. Still I feel bad for all the unwanted silver panel Super Reverbs and Twin Reverbs out there that no one wants anymore. 25 pounds is my limit. But this one turned out really well for what I do. Not sure I need my 12 watt 1-12 2 channel build now. Even thru a 12 it's brighter sounding than this. Still gotta get a CVA VibroChamp reverb tho.

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