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NAD: One for the acoustics


As a sort of sideshow from our five-piece band, the singer, bass player and myself have been setting up a little coffehouse/lounge bar type trio. About a third of the songs are best suited to an acoustic, rather than electric, guitar and I've been plugging the flat tops (6 and 12-string) straight into the PA. It's not been all that successful -- difficult for me to hear properly and the sound is, well, 'average'. A pal offered me this amp for a good price — a chunky little Trace Elliot TA50R. It's got the usual stuff you'd expect on an acoustic amp — two channels, one with a mic input, notch filter, five-band graphic eq, phantom power for a condenser mic etc. Most importantly, it sounds pretty good and will be loud enough for about 80 per cent of the sort of small gigs we're planning. When it needs a helping hand I can send a post-eq d/i feed to the PA. Problem sorted.


That sounds like a great solution. I have the same type of set up only mine is from Fishman.


I think I need one of those.... About half of the non-piano gigs I do are acoustic these days, but my rather quiet picking style requires some sonic elevation..

Hmm.... the birthday bells are starting to ring... I have a little cash salted away. Time for a trip to the store?


Nice little amp. I think they are discontinued now. I was thinking about a LD Systems Stinger Mix 6 for that purpose


MaBerY: Yes these are discontinued. In fact I lost track of Trace Elliot's comings and goings years ago -- I think they were owned by Gibson at one point. I always fancied one of their Velocette tube guitar amps.

I was pleased when this TA50R came up -- I was actually gassing for one of those handsome new Fender acoustasonic amps. They're not cheap but they look nicer than some of our furniture!


Ah yes, I saw those fenders. I looks a bit like a piece of IKEA furniture . They sound good though and that counts


That looks likes a great tool for your needs, Dave. Although I never played one I also do love the brownface appearance of the Acoustasonics.

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