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Like GiffenF, I was lucky enough to head out of the NorCal Roundup with an amazing new Cave Valley Amp, built by our very own Powdog!

It's a hot rod based on the Hammond AO-44 10 watt chassis with a tweed Harvard pre-amp, running two 10" speakers, but with an added negative feedback presence control and a footswitch engaged boost, all wrapped in a faux Vox cabinet.

All I can say is "Wow!" This amp has so much gain and raw garage rock and roll nastiness - it's a welterweight that'll give a heavyweight a run for the money.

The voice is unique - it's janglier than an Fender and it's beefier than a Vox.


underside - presence control and boost pedal jack. notice how small the amp itself it. Just amazing how much volume this thing produces!


Sweet... I think the AO-44 was the 2-6BQ5 guy in the Hammond A-100 console. Crank that bad boy!


The AO-44 actually runs a pair of ECL86’s, which are triode/pentode tubes. It’s like a 6AQ5 and 1/2 of a 12AX7 in one tube. So two tubes yield a gain stage, a phase inverter and a pair of PP outputs. Just add a preamp.


That's one heck of a nice looking Gretsch. What is that? Looks like a 6120 but no horseshoe on the headstock. CC? Very cool amp too!


Journeyman, the guitar is a highly modified Aspen Green G5420. Besides the cosmetics, I wound the pickups myself, the bridge is an Embie-matic that I modified with home-brew piezo saddles, and it's got a custom stereo (magnetic/piezo) harness.

I've got a proper demo to make of the guitar which I hope to get done soon.

What I can say for now is that Powdog's amp really highlights the tonal range of the guitar - I'm hooked!


Ethan does some great quality work on his amps. 2 Knobs, thats all you need.


Very cool looking amp! Do we get a sound clip??


Mel & Powdog -- You both have talents/skills that I would LOVE to have. But I don't....

Looks/sounds like fabulous work by both of you! I'd love to hear sound clips of THAT (gorgeous) guitar through THAT (gorgeous) amp.


Will do. Hopefully in the next few weeks.

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