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NAD Masco ME-27 tube amp


Just picked this up today. An old Masco tube PA that I’m gonna rebuild. 25 watts, octal preamp, tube rectifier, three inputs. Has a flying lead output impedence selector. Super clean inside and out. 50’s Gibson style graphics. Gonna make a real cool guitar amp head.


Back in my Philadelphia days, we'd go to these scruddy old flea markets and buy cool old tube PA amps, Bogen/Masco/Stromberg and many others for damn near free and this friend back then made them into righteous little rigs for guitar and harmonica.


I've got a '49 and a '50 David Bogen PA heads. Yours looks much newer, cleaner, and it's more powerful. One thing that's nice about these old amps is that they've usually got a multi tap output transformer. The octal tubes are what's important tho. One sign of their age is the type of input connectors they have.


Nice! Any chassis shots?


Here’s the top


Looks really clean! That should make for a great restoration. Does the phono input have more gain? It looks like you can convert the hum balance pot to a bias adjust.


I don’t have the schematic yet, but I’ll likely freshen it up a bit and see how it sounds.


Am I mistaken or does the tone pot have a push/pull function?


Not a push/pull function but a rotary power switch.


Very Interesting bit of kit.


Love those old octal tube amps,look forward to seeing how it turns out.


Just about done inside. I left CH1 stock and voiced CH2 like a Tweed Twin. Replaced the wax caps but left the molded ones in, see how they sound. New filter caps and R/C cathode network on the power tubes.


Replaced the old mic connections with 1/4” jacks. Kept the flying lead impedence selector.

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