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NAD — Magnatone 410


Guitarcapo had a bunch of these early Estey models. Haven't fired it up yet tho. Single 6V6 thru a 12. Pretty clean shape. Still would like a 213 and even 210 although it has the blight of 8" speaker


Very cool! 5 watts and 1x12 sounds like a winner to me!


It looks like it sounds alright.


Does this amp have that funky chorus/vibrato circuit? I can't remember what they called it. I'm thinking of the sound Lonnie Mack made famous.


Oh yes it has the pitch shifting vibrato -- no chorus effect back then. There a few proponents of that sound... I had a 213 in the 90s... wish I had kept it.


The 410 is a little nicer than the 210 in my opinion because it has a 12" speaker and a tweeter with a crossover cap. A bit more "hi-fi" in that respect. I believe Fender's "Vibro Champ" was created in response to this model. But of course the Magnatone has better vibrato. I have several Magnatones but I sold my 410. It struck me as a great home and recording amp. The sound was a bit refined and more "blackface" than a Champ. The overdrive was a little less bluesy and raw, Again more "hi-fi" because of the tweeter and voicing. In retrospect it would have been a great amp for pedals other than overdrive sounds like phasers, delays, envelope filters etc...Mine wasn't getting used as much as my 413 and 260 Magnatones....so I sold it off. It did sound great though. Here's a clip of it:


Nice amp, I love the old ones, enjoy!

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